ubuntuMark Shuttleworth while announcing the name of Ubuntu 13.04 asked the developers who will be attending next weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen  Denmark, to bring along their Nexus 7′s. Commercial Engineering Director at Canonical, Victor Palau, has posted a short video of Ubuntu running on a Nexus 7 already.

How did he install Ubuntu on Nexus 7? Most probably we will learn in the upcoming UDS.

Maybe the screen of Nexus 7 is too small for Ubuntu but rumors about a Nexus 10 are all over the web!

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Ubuntu for Tablets
This short demo proves Unity is not a good choice for tablets.
Allenbeme , October 21, 2012
Ubuntu for Tables [FIXED]
This short demo proves Unity is not a good choice for tablets 7" tablets.

FTFY - Also you can change the Unity menu size! Why this guy didn't confuses me.
TGM , October 21, 2012
This looks awesome, but I wish they had mentioned what is working and what isn't. Obviously 3d desktop rendering seems okay but gaming? What about wifi, bluetooth, etc... And another thing I never seem to hear about when talking about the potentials of Ubuntu ARM is what apps are in the repositories. Is Libreoffice ported. Obviously Unity is ported, I've heard about KDE being ported, what about XFCE and Gnome 3 and etc...

I'm really excited about the potentials of ARM, but powerful android tablets have been aroud for so long, I feel like the porting of processors is just coming along at such a snails pace considering the Kernel has been able to support a number of processors for over a decade now.
nymusicman , October 25, 2012

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