kde_logoKDE team announced the release of KDE 4.8 stable version. KDE 4.8 provides updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Amongst the new features and improved performance you will find:


  • KWin optimizations
  • 6 Alt+Tab (‘Window Switcher’) layouts to choose from
  • Redesigned power management settings
  • Faster file loading in Dolphin
  • Gwenview improved image viewing abilities
  • A more stable KMail
  • Icon Tasks plasmoid, task manager
  • Introduction of ‘KSecretService’ – a new framework for sharing passwords and data between applications securely
  • KDE Telepathy communication software
And here are a few screenshots to get a better idea of what I am talking about:

Plasma and Applications of KDE 4.8

Plasma and Applications of KDE 4.8

Window switcher layout

You can choose the layout in Plasma's Alt-Tab window switcher

Power management

Power Management adapts to the user's activity

Dolphin and Gwenview

Dolphin and Gwenview



To be honest I think that KDE isn't developed as fast as in the past. It has some features like activities and akonadi which may seem good however I don't know how many people are really using them. I am a KDE user for a over a decade and honestly I can't find a Desktop Environment that will let me do my job better than KDE. I've tested GNOME Shell 3 and Unity but I couldn't make them my default DE. However I see Unity being constantly being developed and new features are being added constantly which gives me the feeling that KDE will be left behind. Only time will tell. What are your thoughts about KDE and Linux Deskop Environments in general? 

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New features also cause bloat
KDE might be developing a bit more slowly than Unity or Gnome 3 in terms of new features, but KDE 4 is also much more mature than those two environments. KDE is a very usable environment as it stands right now, so each new feature request should be measured against how much bloat it would add. One thing the KDE developers have been doing tremendous work since about 4.5 or 4.6 is to get the environment to be much more responsive - and I think they've managed that very well.
Andy Prough , January 26, 2012
New desktop ne good desktop
Although KDE. Gnome3, Unity are all shiny and new, I'm not sure they are good desktops. I am very much excited about Xfce and LXDE because they have not introduced functionality that "breaks" my normal work flow.

It's not a coincidence that Linux Mint is doing so well, they show (with Cinnamon) that they have the ability to execute WHAT THEIR USERS WANT.

django , January 26, 2012
KMail.......is it still a dog's breakfast ?
In KDE4.7, KMail was unusable. You could not import mail from earlier versions and setting KMail up was utterly messy. It's protocols had been totally changed in the incoming mail account and you were faced with great unknowns. I gave 4.7 up and returned to 4.4, purely because KMail works and I need that application.

Now, I note KMail in 4.8 is stated to be "more stable"......Fine, but is the darn thing "MORE USABLE ?????" Has anyone tried to import files from an earlier version into this latest KMail and has anyone got this software package actually running nicely ?
Ridcully , January 26, 2012
It doesn't mean that development is slowing down just because in every release KDE don't introduce gazillions of new features! The development is still as it was (more likely faster cause more people contribute) but most of the work is done under the hood. You need to realize that KDE4 was imagined couple years ago and they pursuit that vision, it's not Ubuntu when after every six months you get new "re-invented" GUI.

KDE as _desktop_ is awesome!

About kmail/akonadi and other things: it wasn't ready and still I'm not sure if it's usable. Personally I don't use kdepim. Those next-gen technologies like semantics/akonadi/etc are very interesting concepts but for now I'm still in old desktop paradigm and for this KDE is awesome!
fasd , January 26, 2012
I don't say that development in KDE is slowing down. Maybe much of the development is done on projects that aren't used from most users. Changes under the hood that improve speed, responsiveness and stability are always welcome.

When the new Kmail appeared I also had problems with the migration although I was using only IMAP accounts. I had to set up everything again.

For the time being I don't like Ubuntu and Unity at all, although I liked HUD that was revealed yesterday. No matter what I still believe that KDE is a great desktop and I can do my work easily with it. smilies/smiley.gif
axel , January 26, 2012

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