flash.jpgGreat news for 64bit users! Till now if you had a 64bit OS and you wanted to watch a video on youtube or generally view any flash application you had to use the 32bit version of flash player along with nspluginwrapper. Adobe has finally released what all 64bit Linux users asked for. A native 64bit version of flash player! Although this is still an alpha release, which means there are beta and release candidates versions to follow, it' the first and most important step! In this alpha release webcam and microphone functionality is not enabled but I guess it will in a later beta version

The alpha build of the 64-bit Flash Player 10 for Linux is version 10.0.d20.7.

Linux installation instructions:

  1. Download 64-bit Plugin for Linux to begin installation. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the file.
  2. Save the .tar.gz file to your desktop and wait for the file to download completely.
  3. Quit your browser.
  4. Remove all existing Adobe Flash Player installations from the system including nspluginwrapper.
  5. Unpackage the file. A directory with contains libflashplayer.so will be created.
  6. Copy libflashplayer.so to ~/.mozilla/plugins. Create the 'plugins' folder if it does not exist yet.
  7. Launch your brower. To verify installation in Firefox choose Help > About Plug-ins from the browser menu.
Known Issues:

  • The NSPlugin wrapper is not needed for this alpha release of Flash Player and may cause performance, stability, and functional issues.
  • Slight calculation differences in the 64-bit Flash Player may occur in areas including text, geometry and other display objects. (239331, 239330, 239282)
  • Some conditions of wMode are not currently working in this alpha. (239304)
  • Multiple print requests may cause the system to become slow.  This may be perceived as a hang, but the system will recover over a period of time.  (239254)
  • General webcam and microphone functionality is not enabled. (239246)
  • New text engine issues that may result in artifacts and random load issues. (239246, 239245, 239320, 239319)

So, if you have a 64bit Linux OS and you try this alpha release of flash player drop me a comment here! Enjoy!

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Thank you for sharing this info. I'm trying it right now, but it seems that I've some problems with sound from sites using flash, like youtube... Is there any workaround?
xodeus.dk , November 28, 2008
Hey xodeus.sk. Which distribution are you using? Where you previously using the 32bit flash plugin with nspluginwrapper?
axel , November 28, 2008

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