Windows logoUsing tabs in your applications is great since they allow you to have only one application window open. Tabs in Chrome browser look and work great. On the other hand Windows Explorer doesn't have tabs! Here is how to easily add them.

Download and install Clover 2 - Wings for your Windows Explorer. Altough the page is in Chinese the download button is the big blue one! There is also a Clover page in English with more info and release notes.

Here is how the default Windows Explorer looks like.

Windows Explorer

And here it is after installing Clover.

Windows Explorer with Clover

Clover is free and supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. I've tested it on Windows 7. Use Cntrl+T to open a new tab and Ctrl+W to close it. Even middle-clicking to close a tab works. There's also a new tab box to click for a fresh explorer tab, just like in Chrome. If you right-click on a tab, you get the same contextual menu options, including the option to re-open a closed tab, duplicate an existing tab, or pin a tab to the back of the list.



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