ubuntu.jpgUbuntu 8.10 (codename Intrepid Ibex) has been released! For those who don't know anything about it, Ubuntu is the most popular and widespread Linux distribution now used. No surprise Ubuntu has the most page hits among all other distributions! This has been achieved because of its easy installation process and its large community willing to help Linux newbies or n00bs. Many users have already upgraded their 8.04 Hardy Heron to the newest version but it is more than sure that even more users are going to try it through its Live CD and install it on their computers.

This how-to is a step-by-step practical guide on how to install Ubuntu 8.10. The whole installation process depends on how fast is your computer. Generally it should take about 20-25 minutes until you boot into your brand new Linux computer. So download a copy of the Ubuntu Live CD installer from here . It's about 700MB. Burn this .iso image file to a CD, place it into your cdrom drive and reboot.

Once you boot with the Live CD you will be prompted what Language to use during the installation process. As you can see there are many languages supported. Select your preferable one and hit Enter.

If you want first to try Ubuntu from the Live CD without installing anything to your computer you can select the first option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". With this option Ubuntu will be loaded only into your RAM just to see how it feels and looks. Here we will directly install Ubuntu in our computer. So select the second option "Install Ubuntu".

Wait a while till the installer boots.

This is Ubuntu' s Welcome screen. Here choose the language that will be used during the installation process and which will be the default language for your final system.

In the next window find your city in the map, or a city closest to yours, to adjust your system's Time Zone and Current Clock Time.

Next select your keyboard layout.

Next you must partition your Hard Disk where Ubuntu will be installed. Be careful here since if you make a mistake you might lose your data! If you select the Guided - Use entire disk way Ubuntu will erase the entire disk, create some default partitions and install Ubuntu on it. If you don't have another operating system this is ok, but if you are also running Windows XP/Vista you should choose the Manual Way. Here I am going to choose the Guided Way. If you want to learn more about partition you can read my guide on How to partition your HDD to install Linux .

Next type name and login name as long as your login password. Also give your computer a name and select to Log in automatically if you are the only one using this computer and you don't want each time to type your password.

And now you are ready for the installation process to begin. Just press the Install button.

And the installation will begin. It shouldn't take long. About 15-20 minutes depending always on your computer's hardware.

Once the installation is completed press the Restart now button.

Remove the cd from your cdrom drive and press Enter.

This is Ubuntu' s boot loading screen.

Type in your username and password you have chosen during the installation process.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex! Welcome to the world of Linux!

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8.10 partition issue
My Xubuntu 8.10 Live CD does not find all the partitions. I have my root on sda3 (3 GB) and /home on sda1 (25 GB). However, the CD's partitioner does not show any of these two and proposes to install on sdb, only. So I had to install Xubuntu 8.04 from CD again and upgrade from there, which took a lot more time. smilies/sad.gif
Xubundude , October 31, 2008
Unfortunately this is a bug of the Live CD. Check this from Ubuntu 8.10 release notes.


Hard disks potentially not shown when installing in Live CD mode

If a user browses a hard disk in Live CD mode before choosing to install, Ubiquity will not allow installation onto this disk because disks cannot be partitioned if they have busy (mounted) partitions. To use a mounted disk for installation, first unmount the drive before attempting to install.
axel , November 04, 2008
Resolution problem
I am installing Ubuntu first time. I am trying with VirtualBox and I have a little resolution problem. Linux showes me only 800x600, but I have 22'' screen.
Please help.
Marek , November 04, 2008
You have to install VirtualBox GuestAdditions after your Ubuntu installation completes and you make all the updates. Check the GuestAdditions part of the following tutorial. I explain everything and although it refers on Ubuntu 8.04 you should get a very good idea.

How to install Ubuntu Linux on Windows using VirtualBox

Make sure you have the latest 2.0.4 VirtualBox since only this release supports correctly ubuntu 8.10
axel , November 04, 2008
using manual method
This is also my first time installing Ubuntu, however, im having trouble on the preparing disk space as I dont want to erase the data on my drive (if i used the guided), can you tell me how to do the manual one?
I read the partitioning part and I also commented some questions on it.

Thanks Axel,
Moritz , November 05, 2008
problem testing ubuntu in live mode
hello axel! I'm from venezuela and I have a little problem trying to load ubunto 8.10 in my laptop...it boots normal...beautifull but when finishes to load, it ask me a user account and IO don't know what it is or how to know it!!! plz help me!!!
alejandro , November 09, 2008
Hello alejandro and sorry for the delay.

I suppose you have installed Ubuntu because I you are running it through the live cd it doesn't ask for a user account to login. So, during the installation process Ubuntu has asked you to create an account and type a password 2 times for it. This is what you have to type to login.
axel , November 11, 2008
I could not be able to login into ubuntu 8.10 using root, it say incorrect username or password.
Dev , October 10, 2009
Ubuntu doesn't have a native root account. Log in as normal user and want you want to do something as root just type sudo and the command.

You might already know this but logging in as root is dangerous for your system. Furthermore there is no need to do this!
axel , October 10, 2009
Hi............ "I am Mano & I want to install Ubuntu8.10 (Dellp/N OG412N. I have no more experience about computer , but I want to install it .because I think it is the best free virus soft were . so I request your to help me to install it.I am a faithful boy & I never do any cor pt through webs.net.
Thanks ;
ManojKumar jena. , September 11, 2011

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