facebook-logoRecently I came across Facebook Resource for Akonadi which makes events, contacts, notes and messages from Facebook available in KDE. In other words you are able to see your Facebook friends through KAddressbook and their birthdays as well as Facebook events in KOrganizer. Moreover events and birthdays are also shown in the Plasma clock calendar. All this data is available offline thanks to Akonadi. So let's take a look on Akonadi-Facebook.

For Archlinux Akonadi-Facebook is available in AUR. You can easily install it by using yaourt.

If you are using another distribution search for a package named akonadi-facebook. In case you don't find it you will have to build it on your own from source like this:

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/akonadi-facebook
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config–prefix`
make install

Once you have it installed press Alt + F2 and run Akonadi Configuration

Akonadi Facebook

In the Akonadi Server Configuration tab press Restart to load the new resource you have just installed.

Akonadi Facebook

In the Akonadi Resources Configuration tab press Add and search for Facebook.

Akonadi Facebook

Type in the account name, something like Facebook.

Akonadi Facebook

And then press Authenticate. Here you will have to login your Facebook account and allow this app to access your friends, events and messages.

Akonadi Facebook

It will also ask you to access your data at any time.

Akonadi Facebook

If everything goes well you will be authenticated.

Akonadi Facebook

And the resource will show a ready green icon.

Akonadi Facebook

Now open KAddressbook. You will see a Friends Address book with the Facebook logo. All your friends are listed here.

Akonadi Facebook

Next open KOrganizer. Here you will see an Events calendar with the Facebook logo. The events and your friends birthdays will now be displayed in your calendar.

Akonadi Facebook

Have in mind that this is an early application version. However I didn't encounter any problem while using it

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