kde4ubuntu.jpgUbuntu, the most popular distribution, is using by default Gnome 2.24 as its Desktop Environment (DE). However this isn't the only DE available for Linux. Another very popular DE used by many Linux users is KDE (K Desktop Environment). Recently KDE has reached version 4.1.2. KDE4 is based on Qt4. The centerpiece is a redesigned desktop and panels collectively called Plasma which replaces Kicker, KDesktop, and SuperKaramba by integrating their functionality into one piece of technology.

In this tutorial I will show you with screenshots how to install and run KDE4 on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. KOffice, Kopete, Amarok, Ktorrent, Konquerror, KDevelop, K3b, Kmail, Kontact and Dolphin are only some of the many KDE useful applications. When we finish you will have KDE4 running alongside Gnome on Ubuntu. We are going to use KDE 4.1 packages released by KUbuntu on launchpad.

So log in your Ubuntu and go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources. Here you will be asked for your password.

Go to the Third-Party Software tab, click the Add button and type the following line:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid mainand click the Add Source button.

Next click the Close button. You will be prompted that available software is out of date. Click the Reload button and wait for a while for your repositories to be updated.

Now open a terminal by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and type in:

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install kubuntu-kde4-desktop

Supply your password and press Y when asked if you want to continue.

When all packages have been downloaded you will be prompted to configure kdm, KDE's graphical login manager. Press Enter.

You have to choose between gdm (Gnome's grapichal login manager) and kdm (KDE's graphical login manager. Here I am going to choose kdm so as you can see how it looks like and make your choise. Of course you can later adjust this settings if you want. Using the arrow keys select the one you want and click Enter.

The installation process will continue. When it's over close all open windows and restart your computer. And voila, this is kdm! Click the Session Type button and select KDE. Type in your username and password.

And here it is KDE4. Play around with it and see how it looks.

If you later decide to uninstall KDE, open a terminal through Gnome and type:

sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop

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As they released together, wasn't it easy to instull kubuntu???

turtaf , October 31, 2008
Why additional souces??
KDE 4 is the default desktop environment in Kubuntu 8.10, so you only need to install the package kubuntu-desktop (kubuntu-kde4-desktop is only a virtual package for that) and you do not need to add additional souces. KDE 4 is included in Intrepid Ibex.
holzi , October 31, 2008
panels don't hide
kde4 still can't hide panels. not ready for prime time
Jim , October 31, 2008
Great stuff, this tutorial and KDE
Thank you for this tutorial. This is my first time I tried KDE and I like a lot what I see. I absolutely love Okular for reading PDFs and other files and Gwenview is awesome for viewing images. Dolphin file manager is also very nice with support for tagging and giving score to files. Also the look us much more polished than in the default Ubuntu. And the idea to build the desktop out of widgets is absolutely wonderful, almost like LEGO bricks. I'm sure I have a lot more to discover about KDE, but so far I'm extremely happy with it. Thanks once more for your great work with the tutorial.
ANovak , November 01, 2008
kde 4 has along way to go before it becomes usable. 3.5 was ok. I tired 4 but I could not get anything to set up the way I wanted it to be. Mostly in the panels. Kde 4 has a long way to go.
dave stroud , November 05, 2008
Is 8.10 a joke? , Low-rated comment [Show]
too bad
too bad it is unfinished and it looks a bit too much like vista. I reverted to 3.5 as it is the way kde should be. I don't understand why canonical launched 8.10 with kde4 being as buggy as it is. The begin to do launch products microsoft style...smilies/sad.gif
traian , November 26, 2008
KDE4 seems to be a great Desktop Environment. It is a little difficult in the beginning, until you get used to its Plasma philosophy. However it still isn't 100% ready. I am also using KDE 3.5.x. When KDE 4.2 is released I am going to make the step forward.
axel , November 27, 2008
doing this on ps3 smilies/wink.gif
fjafjjsklfjsdjack , December 21, 2008
Cool! Let me know how it went!
axel , December 22, 2008
This fucks up a few things in gnome; the user switcher doesn't load, and keeps bugging me about the keyring.
meh , December 29, 2008
Hi meh,

I have posted an answer here Remove KUbuntu from Ubuntu.
axel , December 30, 2008
Well written guide - but look into AptURL on how to make installing packages easier.
Vadim P. , January 23, 2009
Thanks Vadim for the heads up! smilies/smiley.gif
axel , January 24, 2009
That final command you give for removing KDE doesn't work. It only removes the meta package.
Simon , January 28, 2009
axel , January 31, 2009
I'm new in Linux, tried several Kernels and finally decided to go with Ubuntu.
From what I've seen sofar, KDE seems the easiest to refine your desktop.

Am using trays and can switch easily between windows and Linux.

Next stop is KDE on windows.

Thanks again.
le_dartagnan , June 26, 2009
Hi le_dartagnan,

I also prefer KDE. smilies/smiley.gif

I have written this guide for KDE on Windows but haven't tried this since then. I guess it will be much better now.
axel , June 26, 2009

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