flashIf you have upgraded to the latest flash plugin you might have noticed that in YouTube videos there is a blue tint. This affects only Nvidia users who are using hardware acceleration through VDPAU. I am using the latest libvdpau 0.4.1. Although there are many bugs commited to Adobe about it, it isn't fixed and is marked as cannot reproduce! Anyway if you are seeing a video with blue people here is how to temporary fix it.

Flash blue problem

Open YouTube and start playing a video. Right click on it and select Settings. There in the first tab untick Enable Hardware Acceleration. Reload the page and the problem should be gone for now.

Flash disable Hardware Acceleration

Reload the page and the problem should be gone for now.

Flash working ok

If you are unable to press the button open another browser and try again. A friend of mine couldn't press the button in Chrome under Ubuntu but pressed it by using Opera.

You can also manually edit /etc/adobe/mms.cfg as root

sudo gedit /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

and set


Of course the whole proccess has the side effect that your CPU will be used more to decode flash videos...

Unfortunatelly this flash plugin version is the last version, according to Adobe, that will be the last flash player released for Linux. Upcoming releases will be bundled with Google Chrome using its Pepper API...

Maybe it's time to give HTML5 a try. To enable HTML5 video playback simply Join the HTML5 Trial. Of course you can also downgrade your flash player plugin to the previous working version. You choose.

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This isn't the last flash tarball released for Linux, adobe will still provide updates for bug and security fixes for years to come, just not any new major versions!
linux_user , April 01, 2012
What about Firefox?
I do hope Firefox won't be left behind in features,
this better be an end to Flash completely (forcing people to rewrite) or complete upgrades for everyone.
Dan Dart , April 01, 2012
You can also turn off the blue lamp behind the man!!
Gustavo , April 01, 2012
It would be nice if there were also major updates. Anyway.

LOL Gustavo!
axel , April 01, 2012
thank you this worked for me
eoin , April 03, 2012
It worked. smilies/grin.gif

(Turned off the blue lamp behind the man smilies/cheesy.gif)
MarioDIM , April 06, 2012
Had the same problem and couldn't press anything in the settings dialog in either Firefox or Opera. Oh well, HTML5 video it is then.
Simon , April 07, 2012
Simon if you can't press anything you can manually edit /etc/adobe/mms.cfg as I mention at the end of this guide.
axel , April 09, 2012
This issue has been pissing me off, and I couldn't find it through a search for "inverted colors" which was the problem.
Admiral Memo , April 09, 2012
Thanks for a quick solution!
Jan , April 13, 2012
Unity 2D
If you can't remove the check mark from Flash setting not to use hardware acceleration then log off and log back in with Unity 2D and you can uncheck it that.
Mohan , April 14, 2012
I was going mad about this
Just the same problem, but only on YOUTUBE videos!!! How is that possible? I can see any other flash film online and colors are perfect. The problem is browser indpendent but, in my case, is on Youtube + Flash combination.

See you
Conde Mor , April 23, 2012
Through synaptic / apt
I solved the problem by uninstalling libvdpau1 through synaptic. There is a dependency on mplayer / mencoder, so I had to uninstall those as well. Since I'm using vlc that wasn't an issue so I went along with it. Restarting chrome was the final thing to do. Thanks for pointing me to the vdpau lib!
Zilverdistel , April 28, 2012
After applying this solution Flash becomes 80% unstable and crash always ! I had enough , linux no thank you , Low-rated comment [Show]
it works here other way around it was active by default and disabling the 3d acceleration and refresh gives normal people.

fedora 17 and nvidia
solved , June 08, 2012
Linux, yes please!

I had to chuckle at your comment "My printer is not supported" - I have a HP P2015N printer which was I got going with Debian Squeeze extremely easily. I then tried with Windows Vista which I thought would be easy. No so - I had to jump through so many hoops before I got a test page printed. It was 100% easier with Linux.

"not enough software" - Really? Debian Squeeze has 18,000+ packages in the default repositories. This increases with every release. I'm sure this is higher in the latest Fedora or Ubuntu release. You can enable third-party repositories and get Dropbox, Skype and Google Chrome (to name a few).

"no professional suites" - I'll pass on this because I don't use professional-grade software (why should I when all the open-source ones are such high-quality and "good enough", eg. I use vim + plugins as my IDE for example).

Sounds like your comment came from some frustration getting YouTube video's without a bluetint and with HW acceleration enabled. I urge you not to abandon Linux! I see more and more video's on YouTube offered with the HTML video tag anyhow whereby opensource video codecs are used (some of which Google has bought the patents for and released under permissive licences - yay Google).
Imran-UK , June 13, 2012
Strangely, other sites using Flash work fine (eg. BBC iPlayer). Only YouTube seems affected. Even opting in to the HTML5 trial at YouTube (http://youtube.com/html5)didn't work (but it's Beta natch!).

I fixed it in YouTube by noticing that software decoding was enabled (right-click blue video, select "show video info..."). We want this to be hardware assisted like the video rendering.

As the article above says...

Create file /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode = 1
# i didn't have to enable this but you may want to if you get crashes

Then restart Chrome (ensure it is exited from running in the background also).

Other stuff I did which might have had an effect:
* Get latest Flash by: aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree
I now have version 11,2,202,236 installed
Go here to verify: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

* Install the dummy libvdpau1 package (I had the free version of this lib anyway): aptitude install nvidia-libvdpau1

Gory details and other info about why this is happening, see here:
Imran-UK , June 14, 2012
um.. Ubuntu only?
The title of this should have mentioned that this is for Ubuntu, NOT 'Linux' in general, I do Like that you have solved this issue for Ubuntu- props for that, maybe say this is for Ubuntu only or post the fix for the other 2 main flavors,,, Red Hat and SUSE.
SeaPhor , June 18, 2012
SeaPhor, the solution isn't just for Ubuntu. It can be applied in any distribution. In fact I am using Archlinux. Why couldn't you do this in RedHat and Open Suse?

By the way currently I am using a patched version of libvdpau which solves the problem without having to edit any conf file. However I can give you instructions on that only for Archlinux.
axel , June 18, 2012
just disable the hardware acceleration
kill browser
re-enable hardware accelleration
kill browser

deathkill , June 26, 2012
nevermind my last message.. the 'blue' is back.. so apparently it didn't work
deathkill , June 27, 2012
Fedora 16. Firefox 13.0. Fixed the problem without modifying the HW acceleration by simply installing this Firefox add-on!

Mr. B. , June 30, 2012
Debian Squeeze. Iceweasel 13.0.1

Video filters addon does not work. Disabling HW acceleration does.
Bas , July 02, 2012
Thanks for posting this. Fixed it for me.

And I activated the html5 trial - can't wait for flash to go away for ever!
vajira , July 05, 2012
Thank You!
Awesome! Simple and to the point. Thank You!

As to Adobe. That's pretty freagin hillarious that they are simply in denial. I just saw a TED video last night about the common characteristics (list of symptoms) of psychopaths and corporate CEO's. I think that lack of honesty/integrity should be on that list, but that would include far too many people I suppose.
Paul Richardson , August 22, 2012
HTML5 does nothing to fix this problem.
I've had the HTML5 trial activated on YouTube for a good while now and I'm still seeing the negative-color problem with Ubuntu, so please stop saying that HTML5 brings a solution.

Also, I've executed the 3 commands suggested for upgrading to libvdpau1 and rebooted my machine and I'm still seeing blue video on YouTube so that doesn't work either.

Maybe these are all issues specific to Ubuntu 12.04, but anyway I guess I'll have to try some other workaround.
donjoe , August 25, 2012
Thanks so much! I was getting tired of watching avatars...
Alexey , August 30, 2012
This problem and solution is now valid for Ati based video as well. I was starting to think that everyone was a member of the blue man group
Dude , September 26, 2012
Thanks soooooo much for this, i completely reinstalled Ubuntu to get rid of this problem and didn fix it.....this did... thanks again
Michel , November 11, 2012
Thanks soooooo much for this, i completely reinstalled Ubuntu to get rid of this problem and didn fix it.....this did... thanks again
Michel , November 11, 2012
blue only in opera not firefox
oddly i only get the blue tint in opera and not firefox. which is unfortunate because i like opera a lot. flash is the worst thing to ever happen to the internet imo
darrell , December 03, 2012
worked like a charm
thanks a lot! it worked like a charm!
tom , March 31, 2013
When I right click on a Flash video and click settings, I get a box with only four tabs, not five like your screenshot shows. The missing on is the display settings, and I can't figure out how to access it.
Ogdred , May 04, 2013
The missing ONE, sorry
Ogdred , May 04, 2013
That was helpful.
Jacek , May 06, 2013
Debian wheezy...
The file you need to edit:


After adding the settings you can uncheck the box and it works.
Ruben , August 14, 2013

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