kde logoIf you are a KDE4 user you must have heard of Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi. Most probably you have been annoyed of those things running all the time taking so much CPU. Well, I have to admit that their behaviour has greatly improved in KDE 4.8. They don't bother me at all and they seem to work pretty well. In this guide I will show you how easy it is to disable all of them. However first a little info on what those applications do.

Nepomuk allows you to tag files with various information, something like the MP3 tags, thus make searching of them very easy. Strigi indexes the folders you have specified. Finally Akonadi gathers all kind of PIM data from KMAil, KAddressbook, Kopete such as e-mail addresses, e-mail contents, chats, contacts information etc. All this info collected can be searched instantly either by pressing Ctrl + F2 or through Dolphin's search bar.

The above tasks consume CPU, memory, disk space, disk usage, battery life so you might want to disable them.

To disable Nepomuk and Strigi go to System Settings > Desktop Search and disable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop, Nepomuk File Indexer and Email Indexer. Hit Apply to save the changes.

disable nepomuk

To disable Akonadi edit ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc and change




Now relogin into your account and you are ready!

Are you using Nepomuk or you find it annoying?

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Simpler way
As a long-time KDE3 user, I discovered much simpler way to disable those features in KDE4. When I install/update system I click on those options:
( ) KDE
(*) XFCE

From that point, it works much, much better. Of course KDE3 has many more features than XFCE, but there are cases that is better to use something which is currently developed, but for my main box, I still use KDE3, without Strigi, Nepomuk, and other obstacles.

Cheers :-)
macias , March 22, 2012
Early KDE 4 was... pain and not ready but for christ sake it's 4 years later and things have changed!! Get your head out of kde3 ass and look around smilies/wink.gif

PS yeah, disabling nepomuk/strigi/akonadi is first thing I do after KDE4 installation - after this it's desktop is flying
fasd , March 22, 2012
Quality matters
@fasd, I did look around. I tested KDE4 comparing it to XFCE. Just right after start all windows lose decorations. "Warm" weolcome, but Is the quality of mature software?

A lot of features present in KDE3 are still missing in KDE4. As this article shows, there are "features", you have disable right away.

So what would be reason I would switch to KDE4 instead of XFCE? For me numbers are nothing, quality of the software matters.

As KDE4 use case put it -- KDE4 is the solution of imaginary problems of imaginary people. So it is not suitable for me.
macias , March 23, 2012
You've said "but for my main box, I still use KDE3", I don't mind if you are using gnome or xfce or other DE/WM. The point is that kde3 is ancient and based on technology that is no longer supported so you should look around and ride along with DE/WM that is under active development (don't tell me about trinity project - this guys should join KDE and fix it upstream, not waste time on useless fork).

This is KDE so I have a choice what to run and how to customize my environment it's not a bug per se. I don't use kdepim at all and in current state is just waste of resources - yeah kde4 is not ideal but I know its advantages and disadvantages, I don't bitch about how kde4 is bad just because it's different from kde3. Semantic desktop is very interesting idea and it's improving as we speak, with every release is more and more usable and less hardware hungry - I don't use it - I disable it - I have a choice.

Off-topic about quality: right now KDE4.8 is very stable, far more stable than gnome3.2

About vanishing decorations - personally I've never had issues with this. It might be bug (if so you should report this), it might be your fault (if so you can't complain about KDE4)

PS Are using Debian?
fasd , March 23, 2012
KDE developeers ahve gone down a blind alley
I'm a developer for a living, so I understand. New, "cool" features are more fun to code. Fixing bugs is boring. But if you want your users to continue being just that, then fix _some_ of the bugs. Does anyone manage to use Kmail, which under kde3 was by miles Linux's best email client. I doubt it. Loads of new wireless managers, but none that work reliably, seamlessly. The panel will spontaneously move things, and is as illogical a piece of software as I've encountered outside of iTunes. ISTM that Linux on the desktop, which has been my preference for > 10 years, now, has taken a giant step backwards with KDE4. And yes, I _do_ blame the devs. I know, I can fix it myself , or get involved or ... I don't have the time. Or, probably (especially with anything graphical), the talent. Anytime someone complains about KDE you see messages saying how stable 4.x is. THAT'S THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. This isn't windows, guys.
And @fasd, no, semantic desktop is the kind of bad idea that kills companies when they pursue it - I just hope it doesn't kill KDE. What a complete, utter waste of time. Which is fine, but don't embed it so far into the desktop that it breaks things, or causes multiple warnings in annoying popup windows. You play with it to your hearts content, but get it out of anything released as a production version. I'm thinking of firing up my old kde3 laptop. It just works, it's fast (for an old beast). kmail works. What am I waiting for. I could sell this P7/12, GBRAM, 1SSD + 500M metal disk 18" display Acer laptop. I might get a few bob for it if I pretend it doesn't run KDE. Or maybe there's some twit who thinks KDE4 is a good idea...
Graham Nicholls , September 25, 2012
Point about KMail
I rue the day I chose to base my email management strategy around the capabilities in KDE3 KMail. Spending days trying to migrate to KDE 4, I finally gave up and switched to Thunderbird since an annoying focus problem plagues Evolution, my preferred alternative to KMail.

Since the upgrade, I've lost a great deal of control over my email. My life has, quite simply, changed for the worse.
Tom Russell , October 07, 2012
Kmail - agreed
Akonadi and Kmail2 have killed Kmail1 the best email client I've used on Linux.
GDR! , October 14, 2012
Kmail - agreed
Akonadi and Kmail2 have killed Kmail1 the best email client I've used on Linux.
GDR! , October 14, 2012
The Axis of Evil--Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi
I find this new lash-up a complete pain in the ass and utterly useless.

I'm running KDE4.8 from openSUSE 12.2. I don't need Dophin search. find and grep work for me. The only thing I want is mail search and my local KMail folders are completely unseachable through the UI. After much work that included removing and adding back Local Folders and Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder through the Akonadi Console, I was, for a few fleeting days, I was able to search mail. Then something in the feeder stalled and it's not worked since. New files won't index. When I try to restart the Feeder, mail moved to local folders since it did work is marked unread. When it does run, the Feeder's indexing stalls repeatedly and won't finish. I've googled dozens of phrases, read scores of messages and how-to's, tried uncounted remedies, and all for naught.

If this is the best that can be done, no wonder the Linux desktop doesn't succeed with common users.
Thad , November 15, 2012
No thanks.
Nepomuk and related services were enabled in a recent update and they have rendered my desktop machine COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. Not difficult to use, not kind of slow, but wholly, entirely unusable. They suck 100% of disk bandwidth making it impossible to do anything else. Maybe it's the 1.4 TB of information that is getting indexed, but why can't that be done as a BW-limited process, like a RAID rebuild?

Stupid design. When the out-of-the-box initial experience is so poor, users are never going to see any benefit because they don't have the patience to wait for their system to be usable again, some hours or days later.
Frustrated User , November 20, 2012
nepomuk horror
I had occasion to reinstall Linux Mint. Despite keeping the User area and all preferences (no nepomuk, no indexing, etc), nepomuk is running, all cores at 100%+, system unusable, Ctrl Alt FX keys non-responsive.
Tell me in what way this is not malware?

It should be a post-boot opt-in thing, not a switch itself on, even when told not to thing.
linux user , June 06, 2013
Nepomuk is 100% useless
It's a pity i can't uninstall it completely from my fedora system, due to dependencies. Is anyone in the world who use it? It is a thing that can de used with Dolphin only as for as i understand. Dolphing is front end application, many people (and me too) use only a few hours, on raw system, before they install some other file manager (i'm using krusader and good old mc, and i'm happy with em).

Why should basic front end application part go so deep inside the system?

It is really bad app design. It's so bad it can be used as example to show students how they should never write their code.

dolphin, kmail and other k* should be separated from desktop itself. That's the basics of OOP, isn't it?

Thanks for tutorial )
Yuriy , September 20, 2013
Nepomuk etc
Designing software is not a matter of how shiny things look but how functional they are, and get your priorities right. I've never used Dolphin, who needs it with Konqueror? It does a hell of a job, faster than Firefox or whatsoever, in v4 javascript works just fine.

But why doesn't it support client certificates? It worked well in kde3? What nono decided to create that garbage like Nepomuk and Dolphin while the flagship browser doesn't support client certificates?

Now I must say that in suse 12.3 the nepomuk and akonadi horror as disappeared. So may be there is still hope!
J.M. Stoorvogel , September 26, 2013
Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi should be opt-in
KDE4 is great but Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi are really the flies in the KDE4 ointment. These 3 programs form an axis of evil that needlessly hampers performance and (in the case of Akonadi) has turned the once great Kontact/KMail suite into a confusing, bug-ridden mess.

Use KDE4 but for God's sake disable these 3 programs and stay away from KMail - use Thunderbird instead.
Happyskeptic , December 28, 2013

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