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22. The main Sytem

From now on we will install packages many at once. For any of those we will be prompted that the latest version is installed we will reply not to install it again. 

pacman -S make automake cvs wget aria2 patch subversion git fakeroot tar bzip2 unrar lha zip unzip p7zip aufs aufs-utils


pacman -S udev hal dbus fam acpid lm_sensors logrotate htop lsof ethtool fuse


pacman -S coreutils pciutils usbutils hwd lshwd util-linux-ng chkrootkit


pacman -S portmap nfs-utils cups samba openssh ntp openntpd smartmontools net-snmp tcptraceroute netkit-ftp netkit-telnet


pacman -S reiserfsprogs xfsprogs xfsdump jfsutils


pacman -S reiserfsprogs xfsprogs xfsdump jfsutils


for a desktop also type:

pacman -S alsa-lib alsa-utils xorg xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse


You may avoid this step if you want Arch only for server use. 


23. Video Drivers Installation

for nVidia GeForce5 and above 

pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils

for ATi RADEON from X-XXXXX and above 

pacman -S catalyst catalyst-utils

for ATi RADEON till 9800XT

pacman -S xf86-video-ati libgl-dri driconf


24. Desktop Installation

Here we are going to install one of the two basic Desktops, Gnome or KDE.
for Gnome 

pacman -S gnome gnome-desktop gnome-extra gnome-screensaver computertemp mail-notification gdm kdebase deskbar-applet mesa

for KDE 

pacman -S kde gtk-qt-engine ksensors knemo kbiff mesa

Next let’s install Microsoft fonts which are more comfortable:

cd /usr/share/fonts
mkdir ms-fonts

The ms-fonts directory could be named as you like. Just make it have only small latin letters without spaces.
In there we copy as many fonts as we want from a Windows installation. Then type: 

fc-cache -f -v




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