gnome logoGNOME Shell Weather Extension by Neroth is a fork of the original GNOME Shell Weather Extension which offers multiple locations, no WOEID required, a symmetrical layout and a settings panel. Currently, the weather report, including forecasts for today and tomorrow, is fetched from Yahoo! Weather. Here is how to install it:


Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and derivatives

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-shell-extensions
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extension-weather


su -
yum localinstall --nogpgcheck \ \
yum install gnome-shell-extension-weather


It is available in AUR

After the installation, restart GNOME Shell (Alt+F2, r, Enter) and enable the extension through gnome-tweak-tool.

Here is how the extension and its settings look like.

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Atmospheric pressure
Although a minor inconvenience, Yahoo weather reports only two values of atmospheric pressure: either 982,05 mb or 1015,92 mb (at least in my location, but I suspect it happens in other places, too). So I use another weather extension in my Gnome desktop.
Daniel Avalos , July 05, 2012
You are right about the pressure Daniel. I haven't noticed. I guess it will be fixed with an update. Which extension do you use?
axel , July 09, 2012
Works perfect with gnome 3.4 and it's better than the "official" one in webupd8 PPA.
Siick , July 13, 2012
do not works on Fedora 17 smilies/cry.gif
penthium2 , July 17, 2012
penthium2, I've just tested it again on Fedora 17 and it works. What problem do you have?
axel , July 19, 2012
Fedora 17 advance settings issue
After following the instructions, I enter the cit Salt Lake City, UT or just Salt Lake City and the city doesn't appear. Also when going to Gnome Installed Extensions, your extension appears in red "ERROR". I've yum installed, removed numerous times and still doesn't load.
Frank , August 05, 2012
More info
Also when the extension is loaded, the applet appears with "loading" but it stays loading and loads nothing. I actually had it working once about 2 months back. According to Fedora irc channel it's broken with gnome 3.4.1.
Frank , August 05, 2012
Pressure bug
The pressure bug is fixed smilies/wink.gif !
Neroth , August 09, 2012
yesterday / today
it's showing up yesterday (friday) today (saturday) instead of today (friday) tomorrow (saturday)...i've removing and re-installing but still the same.
RRD , August 11, 2012
re: yesterday / today
sorry. somehow it's working now. thanks. maybe coz i restarted? will see tomorrow if the problem shows up again. smilies/smiley.gif
RRD , August 11, 2012
"Feel like" bug
Firt of all, thanks for the extension! It's very useful, and I have it installed on all my computers.
Now, besides the pressure bug wich is still present in rpmfusion version, there is another one: the "feel like" field is ALWAYS identical to the current temperature, wich is incorrect: it should take into consideration both the humidity and the wind condition too. Anyway, it doesn't match the same-named field on YahooWeather page.
Happy bug-hunting, and thanks in advance.
Dmitry , August 11, 2012
Unable to install on Debian - instructions don't match distribution
This extension looks like exactly what I want, but I've fallen at the first hurdle because the instructions say to use an add-apt-repository command for Debian installation, but Debian has no such command. I'm perfectly happy editing /etc/apt/sources.list manually, but it's not clear what the command would add.

Any chance of just showing the necessary entry for /etc/apt/sources.list?

John Winters , August 12, 2012
Got it from github
Forget my earlier question - I found the source on github and got it from there.

Only remaining problem is that the configurator doesn't seem to work. It just gives 10 seconds or so of spinning wheel and then nothing. However I've managed to configure it via dconf-editor.

Thanks - just what I needed.
John Winters , August 12, 2012
Weather Settings Greyed out
I have installed the neroth weather extension on a fedora 16 computer. If I type in a city and state, it shows up in the list of cities, however, after I select it the OK button is greyed out. I've tried turning the extension on and off with the tweek toll, but, I stil have tis problam.
tmort , September 28, 2012
Picks wrong location and not possible to change it
When I installed this on F17, it showed up but had picked a completely wrong location in another country and when I tried to manually select the location it greys out the "OK" button on the "Name of City" dialog.
anonymous , October 07, 2012
Greyed out
Have the same issue as above: location is found but OK button is greyed out.
Bart , October 21, 2012
location solution
Had the same issue when selecting location. Remove the comma after state so selection reads city, state country and it works perfectly.
fred flinstone , October 26, 2012

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