Linux logoIn my previous articles I have talked to you about Cinnamon desktop, a fork of GNOME Shell developed by the Mint founder, and I have given you instructions on how to install Cinnamon on Ubuntu and how to install Cinnamon on Fedora. This time I will show you some brand new themes for Cinnamon. I have tested them on Ubuntu 11.10 but the installation process is the same for all distributions Mint, Fedora, Open Suse etc.

Update: A new section is available in the official Cinnamon web site with all the available Cinnamon themes. It has many new themes. To install them download the .zip file and extract it in ~/.themes (or /usr/share/themes to install it system-wide). Now you can select the themes from the Cinnamon Overlay > Themes (Click on the top left corner and select Themes. The git repository doesn't work any more so ignore the git part mentioned below.

To install those themes open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install git-core
git clone
cd cinnamon-themes

Logout and log back in. Now you can select the themes from the Cinnamon Overlay > Themes (Click on the top left corner and select Themes









To be honest I prefer the default theme.

Some of those themes seem to have problems. I don't know if they appear better in Linux Mint or they look the same on all distributions. Anyway I am sure they will get better and more themes will come up since Cinnamon is just at the beginning!

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Handy article.

As the author of ChocoLatte I would just like your readers to know that the theme available from the git is not up to date. I understand you prefer the default but for others that don't I just wanted to say that the most recent revision can be found

I have raised this as an issue but it has not been resolved yet.

Thank you.
Charles Bowman , January 18, 2012
Hello Charles. Thank you very much for your comment and your work. I will update the guide with your link.
axel , January 21, 2012
thank you! have anyone in pink or for girls?
Natali Gonzales , February 01, 2012
Thank you Natali. I can't find anything in pink. You may take a look at for new themes.
axel , February 01, 2012
Hey, I tried using this method to install themes on cinnamon for fedora 16, but I get the error "sudo: apt-get: command not found" can you help me out with this one, please?
James Loresco , March 29, 2012
James for Fedora type this command as root:

yum install git-core

Or install git-core through software center.
axel , April 01, 2012
Can't "clone" the website url,, you have posted because the link is dead. Please update.

Mark G , May 03, 2012
The git repository has been removed. Now you can view, download and install themes from I will update the guide accordingly.
axel , May 03, 2012
Cloning into 'themes'...
Hello Axel

Excuse my poor english.
I downloded "Holo Green" theme from, and put it in /usr/share/themes/Holo_Green
I typed :
cd /usr/share/themes/Holo_Green
git clone
git clone
and got :
fatal: http://cinnamon-spices.linuxmi.../info/refs not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?

Could you give me a hand ? Thanks.

zehuze , May 06, 2012
Hello Pierre, the git commands aren't needed any more. You just download the theme and decompress it in /usr/share/themes Next you select the themes from the Cinnamon Overlay > Themes (Click on the top left corner and select Themes.
axel , May 06, 2012

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