InLinux logo windows there are many guides on how to create a dvd using your own video files. I have also written a few such as my ConvertXtoDVD guide . However this doesn't seem to happen in linux and moreover by using a program with a GUI. In this guide I will describe how to create a dvd with a menu using DeVeDe. DeVeDe is an open source program which allows you to create DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or VCD) suitable for home players. It supports any of the formats supported by mplayer such as mpeg, avi, asf, wmv, wma, quicktime, mov, realtime, ogg, matroska and many others!


Let's continue with the installation. You can download a tar of DeVeDe from the official site here. However I advise you to use your distribution's package manager since it will resolve all the dependencies for you. I only have Fedora 7 installed on my computer at this time so I will provide information on how to install it on this distribution only. If you install it on any other distribution you could send me some details with a comment and I will add them in this guide.

For Fedora  users  type:

$ sudo yum install devede  

For Ubuntu users type:

$ sudo apt-get install devede 

Feisty users might experience horrible sound convertion. In that case you have to install a fix. This fix will downgrade mplayer and mencoder to versions that don't have a sound problem. Download it from here. Unpack it wherever you want and from a terminal go to that directory. Then type:

$ sudo ./

When the installation completes you should see a message like this: Done. "MPlayer and Mencoder downgraded."

Now, let's proceed to the dvd authoring part. Run DeVeDe from the Applications/K-Menu. It should be under the Sound & Video/Multimedia menu. The following image should appear.

Click on the 'Video DVD' button.

In this screen first choose the 'Media size' you are going to use in order not to use more video files that your dvd can store. The default 4.7GB option should be ok. Let's move on with our disk video files. As you can see there are two windows. 'Titles' and 'Files'. Each dvd may consist of more than one title and each title may contain more than one video files. Here we are going to create a dvd with two titles and each title will have one file. In the 'Action' menu you can either create mpeg files (it is a good idea if you want to preview your whole movie before burning), or create an ISO file ready to burn.  So, let's add some video files. Press the right Add button. This window will appear.

Here click on (None) and browse to the video file's location. Select it and click Open.

Some info about the selected file will appear. You can adjust the Video and Audio rate to suit your needs. The defaults should be ok. Be carefull to select the 'Output video format' depending on the TV you use. It is PAL/SECAM for Europe and NTSC for America, but I believe you already know what to choose. Next click on the 'Advanced options'. Here you have some Video, Quality, Audio and Subtitles options. In the 'Video options' you can change the video analysis, add black bars and use 16:9 aspect ratio.

In 'Quality options' you may choose between fast compression (deselect 'Use Trellis Searched' and select 'Use BMCMP') and better Quality (leave the defaults).

In Audio options you may add a delay in case the Audio is not synchronized well, but this won't happen often.

If you want to add subtitles browse to the subtitles file from this window. Be carefull to use the correct subtitle's Encoding since if you don't they won't appear correctly on your screen. You also have the option to put them a little upper, so, if you create a 4:3 DVD from a 16:9 film by adding black bars, the subtitles will be over the film, and not in the black bars.

Finally in the 'Misc' options you can split the video in chapters of your prefferable size in order to make seeking easier. Extra parameters is not for now. DeVeDe uses Mencoder's parameters for better quality by default.

If you are not sure about your settings there is a preview button on the bottom left. This allows you to create a preview and if you don't like the result change some of the options above.

When you are finished with the options click on 'Ok'. You will return to the 'Disk structure' window. Now let's say you want to add a new title to your dvd. Click on the left 'Add' button this time. Title 2 will appear. Let's see some options relevant to the title's menu. Click on the 'Properties' button.

Here you can change the title name to one of your choice. You can also select what action to perform when this title ends. You decide. Click 'Ok'.

Now click on the 'Menu' button. Here you can choose a background for your dvd, as well as the menu font and font size. again be careful to choose the correct 'Menu format'.

The Preview button in the 'Structure' window allows you to take a look on how the menu will appear.

If everything is ok click on 'Forward'. Next choose a directory with enough empty space for the movie files to be saved. DeVeDe prohibits you from using a FAT32 filesystem since it doesn't support files bigger than 4GB. If the directory's space isn't enough you will be informet with a message.

Finally click 'Ok' and the convertion will start.

Wait some time and your dvd movie will be ready for burning.

Now you can use a file burning utility such as k3b and burn your dvd disk to enjoy it on the TV screen! 

Comments (39)

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great, but
Really fine, It took time to find this!
Great work!

I just installed it as you told, but there is one problem
I do not get the same version of the program, seems like an older one

best regards
kilonux , September 22, 2007
Thanks kilonux. smilies/smiley.gif

The version you have depends on the distribution you use. I wrote this guide using Fedora 7 and the livna repository for installing DeVeDe. The version I have installed is 3.01
axel , September 23, 2007
Little correction
According to an answer I got from the programmers in Rastersoft, there is a little bug in the guide concerning the putting the subtitles up:


Good guide. But there's a little bug: The "Put subtitles upper" option
is not for putting them at top, but to put them a little upper, so, if you create a 4:3 DVD from a 16:9 film by adding black bars, the subtitles will be over the film, and not in the black bars.

Nos leemos
RASTER (Linux user #228804)

- --

By the way,my version, from apt-get, is 3.2 !
(What annoys me with it is that the properties button lies behind a roll-down meny).

I had no problems with the sound on my Feisty.

I could also add that, there are problems compiling videofiles that are brought into devede from a FAT32 drive.

Best regards
kilonux , September 27, 2007
Thanks for your comment kilonux. I have corrected the guide. smilies/smiley.gif

I also upgraded to version 3.2 but I don't have any problem with the properties button (if you mean those two shown in the 2nd image).

Your comment about FAT32 is also useful just in case anyone wants to convert video files stored there.
axel , September 28, 2007
question about combining files
I have a video that is split into audio and video - separate files. I can find no obvious way to make a combined file to burn to DVD.
Wayne , January 13, 2009
Hey Wayne,

you can use avidemux for this job. Just load the video file and then from Audio -> Main track -> External load the audio file. Save those two as a new avi and then use DeVeDe to author a DVD. smilies/wink.gif
axel , January 13, 2009
Devede works great for me and I am still learning new things to do with Devede! How about making a dvd from several different home movies, we could put alot of our handycam discs which are 30 minutes onto one dvd , but not sure how. Also how do you put a movie that is split into two different parts onto one dvd?
MeTylerDurden , January 24, 2009
Hey MeTylerDurden,
in the main screen of Devede you can add as many files as you want and you can also separate them to title sets.
axel , January 24, 2009
dis dosnt wok at all
baka , February 22, 2009
I could give you some help if you mention what problem you had baka. Which version of Devede and which Linux distribution have you used?
axel , February 22, 2009
all I get when I do this is a dvd of the chapters, no video?? Any reason why I should be looking for??
Nadine , March 18, 2009
I am confused also. I don't know why this happens. :/
axel , March 22, 2009
Hey all

I was wondering - do you experienced DeVeDe users know how to change the default bitrates of new files, when adding them to a dvd?

I see that devede uses a profile file, .devede, but the parameters don't seem to be documented anywhere.

Uri , March 26, 2009
Hey Uri,

When you add a new video file there is an Advanced options button at the bottom of the window. In General tab you can change Video and Audio rate. Haven't tried it but it should work.

I am referring to DeVeDe version 3.12 btw.
axel , March 27, 2009
DeVeDe Problem
I Have DeVeDe for windows and when ever I try to run it on the video dvd option it freezes the program and i am not able to click on a button or add files. Do You know why this is not working properly? I also reinstalled it 4 times and there is no difference.
Matt , April 19, 2009
I haven't tried DeVeDe in windows to be honest. I prefer ConvertXtoDVD there. Here is a CovnertXtoDVD guide.

This is what I found in DeVeDe for Windows site:

DeVeDe does not start in windows

First you need python 2.5. Then you have to make sure you have gtk for windows installed. It is more easy to get the Gtk+/Win32 Development Environment (runtime, devel, docs, glade) version. Then you need pygtk. Now you need to install python 2.5 extension pywin32. Any of the needed programs such as mplayer that are not already installed should now be automatically installed next time you run mplayer. Or you can wait for a win32 installer to be made.
axel , April 20, 2009
Awesome but is there a way to import from a DVD
This is fantastic but what Im trying to do at the moment is to remaster a number of DVDs for a friend. He just put videos of his talks on there and I want to add menus.
So I want to go from DVD to DVD adding menus. Ive been using Linux to rip the DVDs but then copy to a windows PC to use Nero to use the import from DVD function and create the menu. - Then DVD shrink to create the ISO file then back to linux to burn. Is there a way I can use this to directly get the files off the DVD into Devede ? if not can someone suggest the best way on linux to do that to put it in a formate Devede can use. There are hundreds of DVDs so I want to try to do a good job for him but make it as fast for me to do as I can
any suuggestions appreciated.... I love this tool though
Phill , May 06, 2009
Hi Phill,

I don't know any software in Linux that can add directly menus to vob files. I will make a little search though.

If you want to use Linux for the whole procedure you could first use dvd::rip (dvdrip guide) to rip the DVDs in something like xvid and then use DeVeDe to add the menu and author your new DVD. Finally use k3b to burn the ISO into a DVD. No need for Windows. smilies/wink.gif

Of course this procedure needs much time and there will be a quality loss in your videos. :/
axel , May 07, 2009
Cant download fix
Does anybody have the mplayer fix for ubuntu 64 bits?? Rastersoft is down and I need the fix urgently. Couldnt find it elsewhere smilies/sad.gif
apple , May 09, 2009
Which fix do you mean apple? Here is a link to Devede from Google's cache but I don't see anything relevant.

axel , May 09, 2009
I wasnt able to downgrade mencoder and mplaye cause i coudnt download the fix. Now that i've applied the fix, Devede doesnt start because it does not recognize mplayer and mencoder :S
apple , May 10, 2009
I haven't tried Devede in Ubuntu so I can't really help you. But I found an open bug about Devede and mencoder.
axel , May 11, 2009
Well thanks, that description matches exactly my problem smilies/wink.gif
apple , May 13, 2009
Do you think InfraRecorder is a good option to go with DeVeDe, as k3b is unviable for me? Thanks.
Anxious , August 07, 2009
Hi, I haven't heard of InfraRecorder before but since it can burn ISO images I don't think you'll have any problem. smilies/smiley.gif
axel , August 07, 2009
Does it work for all Linux flavors?
I am using Zenwalk 6.2. Do these instructions work in all versions on Linux, i.e. it will work the exact same way in Zenwalk as it does for this Fedora you use right?
LinuxNewbie , October 24, 2009

Now you can use a file burning utility such as k3b and burn your dvd disk to enjoy it on the TV screen!

So after I made the dvd and it shows on my desktop, I have to get another program and use it to burn the dvd file I just made to a dvd? I am confused here...

I did that whole make a dvd thing then it said Job was done, then I took it out and put it in the dvd player and the dvd is still blank. Sorry, but where did I mess up at then?
LinuxNewbie , October 24, 2009
DeVeDe will work in the same way on all Linux distributions e.g. Fedora, Ubuntu, Zenwalk etc.

What files do you see in your desktop? If you see a .ISO or folders VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS you have to use another software like brasero or k3b to burn them to a DVD.
axel , October 24, 2009
I really like DeVeDe in Linux. It seems to be a no brainer making discs. Way easier for me than anything else I've used.
Blue Flame , November 21, 2009
Have you checked my 2ManDVD guide? Although it seemed complicated at first I liked 2ManDVD.
axel , November 22, 2009
Missing subtitles
I am converting avi and srt files to dvd format. The discs work perfectly in the two standalone dvd players I have tested and the subtitles display fine. The problem is that when I try to play the discs on a computer there are no subtitles.

The software is Devede version 3.16.8 on Ubuntu 10.04. I have played the discs on two different Ubuntu computers and one Mac using various programs to play the DVDs - all with the same result.

Where did I go wrong? (great page, btw)
zb , May 28, 2010
Hi zb. Thanks for your comment.

Since the subtitles appear fine in the standalone dvd players you haven't done something wrong. Have you checked the settings of the software you are using to check if the subtitles are on?
axel , May 29, 2010
Worked great for me
Hi axel

Just want to say thanks for the walkthrough. I was a little daunted at the prospect of the operation until I came across your guide. It worked just fine for me using 3.12c-0.0 on Debian Lenny (from the repo).

I used xfburn ("xfburn --burn-image") to burn the DVD.

Thanks again.
maggie , August 17, 2010
I have Ubuntu... I added subtitles to the movie I was trying to convert with Devede and previewed it.. it was working great so I clicked forward and when it was done i saved it. when I opened it to try to burn it i saw that it doesn't play with the subtitles. the movie is split into parts and so are the subs..the subs are split in separate files from the movie how do i combine the to so that the subs play with my movie... please help Thanks :-/
dee , August 25, 2010
It's good to know it worked for you maggie! smilies/smiley.gif

dee, I haven't used Devede for a long time so I don't know what could be wrong. It might be a bug of the Devede version that you currently have...
axel , August 26, 2010
it is a great programsmilies/smiley.gif. i had a problem with subtitles (in windowssmilies/sad.gif), i can fix it changing it to UTF-8 in gedit (open file *.srt, then save as... change to utf-smilies/cool.gifsmilies/grin.gif.Thanks
med , September 12, 2010
No subtitles
I can't put subtitles to the final movie. I add them but they are simply lost. I converted AVI to SCVD.
I'm using version 3.16.9 in Debian.
Otto , September 25, 2010
after converting avi to ISO big degrade in quality
seems after converting avi to ISO big degrade in quality! any suggestions?... I come from Windows and on Ubuntu and noticed when ISO is burned to DVD it way to small and quality is affected.. I am assuming this is during conversion...
vinman123 , December 06, 2010
DeVeDe / Subtitles
I have a problem my finished DVD does not show subtitles correctly.
My subtitle in this project are in CZECH language and some special Czech symbols { ě,š,č,ř,] does not show correctly. I set language to CZ (CZECH) and Encoding to ISO-859-1. If the encoding is wrong what is the correct one (so many to select no reference to it)

Thank you
Joe , August 04, 2011

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