bombono_dvd_logoIn this tutorial I will describe how you can create a DVD by using your own videos in order to play it on a standalone DVD player. The software I am going to use is Bombono DVD, a freeware utility for bot Windows and Linux. Here I have used the Linux version. Download Bombono DVD, install it and let's get started.


This is the main window of Bombono DVD.

First of all we have to import the video files in our project. Through the File Browser select the video files you want to write to the DVD. Double click on the files you want in order to add them to the Media List. At the top right of the window you can see the space those files need in the DVD.

If you right click on a file inside Media List you can select the action that will happen when this video finishes, such as go to next video or stop. You can also adjust its bitrate to suit your needs. You can also add subtitles to your video.

Another option provided is to create chapters inside your video. Select the file you want and press the blue tick (1). Right click on the timeline to get the chapter options. You can add chapters either manually by clicking on the timeline or automatically using fixed intervals. In the timeline you will see a screenshot where the chapter starts. Of course you can delete the chapter points if you wish.

Now let's prepare our DVD menu. Go to the tab Menu. Create a new menu by pressing the green plus button (1). Now edit the menu be pressing the blue edit button (2). If you right click on the menu Editor you can set the background color or set a video/picture from Set Poster submenu.

If you want your menu to have motion right click on it in the Menu browser and choose Menu settings. Set Motion flag, duration etc. Use the Set Porster feature to adjust it.

Now let's add some menu items on our Menu. Menu items can be either thumbnails or text. Click on the green cross to add a menu item (1). You can add as many items as you need. Next click on an item to set its link e.g. the video file that should be played when this item is selected. You can also set a poster for each item. Alignment is also possible. If you press Ctrl you can select multiple items and thus align them better.

Now we are ready to author our DVD. Go to the Output tab. First of all set the Output Folder. This folder should be empty and should have enough free space. You can either write the DVD to a folder or write it directly to DVD. When you are ready just press the Burn  DVD-Video button!

Pretty easy and powerfull program! Isn't it?!

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DJ and remixer
Absolutely terrible program. Bombono is not only the worst DVD burning program I've ever used, it's very likely the worst piece of software of ANY KIND ever created! It deleted 1/2 my desktop today, after flashing a quick popup box on the screen, with some sort of notification message about clearing out the contents of my destination folder, in order to burn the DVD image file (which was my desktop). Then the program proceeded to delete dozens of icons on my desktop irretrivably, without putting them into the recycle bin first - they were just gone! I had to spend half my day using file-recovery software to get back 100's of MB worth of files, and dozens of folders - all ERASED in an instant by this wretched Bombono program. It's simply baffling that someone could write a badly-designed program so dangerous that it would destroy a person's hard drive with only a token message, crytically written, that most people breeze through anyway. The writer of this program is dangerously unrealistic, foolishly arrogant, hopelessly out of touch with reality, and should retire forever from the world of programming. Bombono is the WORST piece of software ever created - NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
DJ MichaelAngelo , July 02, 2013
I disagree!
I found Bombono easy to use and sraitforward. It even (v. 1.2) takes HDTV -Transponderstreams (.ts) as Input and transcodes to fit videos to a disk. Not bad for my taste. The only features I was missing is a built in cutter and checkboxes to select audio-tracks
RRG , December 05, 2013

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