google_plus_logoGoogle+, Google's new social network, counts already 10.000.000 users! If you are a Google plus user here are some extensions for Chrome that will improve your experience! Of course don't forget the Google+ cheatsheet!



1. Surplus

This extension adds Google+ to a popup window so that you don't have to open a new tab to view and post comments


  • Post or respond from within the popup
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Notification sounds
  • Switch between multiple Google accounts


2. +Comment Toggle

+Comment Toggle hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them.


3. Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus

This Chrome extension will add a context-link icon below your Google Plus post in order to share your post to some well-known social platforms.


4. Notification Count for Google Plus

This extension shows the number of new notifications you have received on your Google+ on the top navigational bar without having to open the Google+ account. When you click on the notification button, it actually takes you to your account.


5. +Everything

Right now your Google+ notifications bar only shows up when your on Gmail, Docs, Reader, or any other Google app. +Everything is a great extension for Chrome that lets you add that bar to the top of all websites you visit.


6. Replies and more for Google+

Adds extra functionality to Google Plus:

  • Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users
  • Badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages
  • Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter submit a comment or post
  • "M" key mutes a post
  • Header bar floats down as you scroll
  • Adds a dropdown next to share with additional sharing options (Twitter/Facebook/Email)

Extra functionality (off by default):

  • Chime on new notifications
  • Desktop notifications when you have new messages

This extension works via page scraping, so it might be a bit brittle.


7. Plus One Anything

With this extension you are given the ability to +1 almost any webpage.

This extension is perfect for Google+ since it lets you share any page with your friends without waiting for the webmaster of the page to add the +1 button!

Limitations: Private pages will not work. You will receive a red "!" icon when you try to +1 the page.


8. Move your photos

Move Your Photos (formerly Move2Picasa) helps you to transfer your Facebook albums/photos selectively to Google's Picasa and the you can share them with your Circles.


This are the best extensions I' ve found so far. Are you using any extensions on Chrome or Firefox to help you with Google+? If so leave a comment below!

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