facebook-logoFacebook is a very good way to always remember your friends birthdays. However if you have a lot of time to log in your Facebook account you might forget some of them. If you are using Google Calendar to organize your everyday life I will show you how to import Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar. This way you can use your calendar's notifications and alerts in order not to forget your friends birthdays. The following guide is also a very good way to view birthdays in Android's calendar by simply synchronizing it with Google Calendar. A lot of my friends who have recently started using Android were asking me how to do this. So let's get started!

First we have to export birthdays from Facebook. Log in to Facebook and from the left pane select Events and then select Birthdays. Alternatively click on Facebook birthday events. Now click on the magnifying lense and press Export Birthdays.

Export Facebook birthdays

A popup will appear. Copy the webcal url you see there. We will need it.

Export Facebook birthdays

Now we will import Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar. On Other calendars click the Add by URL option.

Add by URL calendar

Paste the webcal URL and press Add Calendar.

webcal URL

A new calendar will appear under Other calendars called Friend's Birthdays.

Friend's Birthdays calendar

Now you will see your friends birthdays in Google Calendar and you can set up notifications for them. Moreover each time you add a new Friend in Facebook this calendar will be automatically updated. If you want to remove the calendar just go to Settings and click Unsubscribe. Pretty easy!

Oh and if you want to know how to add your Facebook events to Google Calendar I have written a guide.

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"Failed to import calendar" smilies/sad.gif
CMD , February 13, 2012
Problem with multiple birthdays showing up in Google Calendar
Not sure how this happened, but all of my Facebook friends birthdays are showing up in my Google Calendar numerous times. Has anyone encountered this problem and know how to fix it without having to delete each individual entry?

Kellie , April 11, 2012
I haven't heard of this before Kellie. Under other calendars the Friend's birthdays appears only one time or more?
axel , April 17, 2012
its not working
i tried it, calendar was added successfully, but none of my friend's birthday is appear on my calendar. I check the settings, and it is all set. Any idea why?
Satrio , May 18, 2012
Try clicking on the Friend's Birthdays calendar and see if they will appear.
axel , May 19, 2012
Can someone PLEASE help me get my facebook friends "out" of my droid calendar
I am begging I have someone on each day and I can't ever find things I need for my family, reminders for Dr. Appointments etc.

I would really appreciate all the help you can give me.


Karan D , June 22, 2012
Do not have options as in the instructions.
Whatever version of facebook is out on July 15, 2012, there are no birthday event options. If I click on settings and choose export, I get directed to my default email client and all blank fields. Is there another way to get that URL? Thanks.
Barbara Ann , July 15, 2012
old information
this is old info... please update....

click gear button on event page on top right and click export then right click on the link export friends birthays and click copy link location then paste it into the google calender.....
zohaib , August 11, 2012

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