joomla-logo.jpgNowadays building a website has become pretty easy. Anyone can create a website or a blog without even knowing what html and php are! How can you do this is the obvious question. And the answer is by using a content management system! CMS is some software helps you create, customize and put your text, photos, videos, music or just about anything you can think of in a website. The result will make you feel like a professional!

In this guide I will describe how to create a website using Joomla 1.5.x. Joomla is one of the most popular CMS software and there are thousands of websites using it on the Internet. My previous guide on How to create a website using Joomla refers to the old 1.0.x Joomla so I have decided to freshen it up a little.
I am also going to use WAMP to create a website on my computer. WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and MySQL databases. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin to easily manage your databases. Of course you can buy some hosting space and create there your website or transfer the website you created in your computer. So let's get started.

First we will install WAMP. Download WampServer and install it by double clicking on the .exe file. By default it is installed in C:\wamp Leave it as it is. To check if it has been installed correctly open your favorite browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc. and type in the address bar:


This is the main screen of WampServer. Click the phpmyadmin link under "Your Aliases".

Now we will create a MySQL database for our Joomla installation. Type a name for your database. Here I have chosen the name "joomla". I will create the database as root without any password since this website is for testing purposes on my computer only. If you use it on a production machine or on the Internet you should create another account for MySQL. Also choose utf8_general_ci as database collation. When you are ready just click the create button.

You should see a message "Database joomla has been created".

Note: The requirements for Joomla 1.5.x are PHP 5.2.+, MySQL 4.1.x+ and Apache 2.x+. The latest release of WampServer has the latest PHP 5.3 version installed by default. Currently Joomla doesn't work with this version. Therefore download the latest PHP 5.2.x version from WampServer addons, install it and configure WampServer to operate with it as you seen in the screenshot below.


Next it's time to install Joomla. Download Joomla by choosing the latest Full Package .zip file. Create a directory with your website's name in  C:\wamp\www copy the .zip file in there and extract it.

Now go back to your browser and type in the address bar:


Here choose the Language to use during the Joomla installation.

As you can see in the screenshot WampServer has by default errors On. To turn them of click on the WampServer icon in the tray and go to PHP > PHP Settings > Display errors and click on it to disable them.

In the next scree if Output Buffering is red disable it from PHP > PHP Settings -> Output Buffering and press the Check again button. Everything should be green. Of course if you want to make tests with the PHP of Joomla you'd better leave those two settings On.

The next screen is the GNU Licence of Joomla. Press Next.

In the Database Configuration step select mysql as Database, localhost as Host Name, root as Username, leave the password blank unless you have changed it through PHPMyAdmin, and type the Database Name you've created before throuth PHPMyAdmin.

You can leave the FTP Configuration to No since you are using WampServer. If you are installing Joomla on a Host Provider over the Internet supply the FTP settings you have been given.

In the Main Configuration step give a name to your website. Type your email and choose a password for your Joomla adminstrator. If you are a new Joomla user it is advised to install the default sample data. This way a simple Joomla website will be created along with some articles, categories etc. which you can use to learn how Joomla works. Press the button Install Sample Data to install the sample content. When Sample data installed succcesfully appears click Next.

Congratulations, you have installed Joomla! Before you access your Joomla web site you must delete the installation directory. Delete the installation directory from C:\wamp\www\joomla as you see in the screenshot.

Now go back to your browser and type (or press the site button):


This is your new Joomla website!

To enter the adminstrator panel from which you can configure Joomla type:


Now you can find a Joomla template that will make your website look great, install it and start posting your content!

There are also many extensions, modules and plugins that will help enhcance your Joomla website! Download Joomla extensions .

I bet it was pretty easy to create your first website using Joomla, wasn't it?

If you are looking for a good hosting provider to host your new website I suggest Dreamhost !

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Joomla 1.5.x. Joomla is one of the most popular CMS "softare" ---> software
Abder-Rahman , December 09, 2009
Typo fixed. Thanks Abder-Rahman. smilies/smiley.gif
axel , December 09, 2009
Thanks for the tutorial. I get an error "under construction" when I type http://localhost. I have IIS installed in my machine.Do I need to uninstall IIS before I use WAMP and Joomla.
sharathn , February 23, 2010
why i cannot open my admin with my pass n user name??smilies/sad.gif
safi , April 22, 2010
You mean the Joomla admin panel? Maybe you are mispelling something. If you use admin as username and the pass that you gave during the installation you should login in.
axel , April 24, 2010
air jordan , April 27, 2010
owh..actually, i'm forget my admin..huhu tQ 4r d comment.. im want to to add picture to the website.. and i want to know what language this website use? i mean the coding in css to change color, bacground n that C+ program or else? im so appriciate to who can tell me.. smilies/smiley.gif
safi , April 30, 2010
Joomla uses HTML along with PHP and mySql. Of course CSS is used for the graphics. You will find a lot of useful information here
axel , April 30, 2010
I How Can I Get It Online
Hi This Is My First Time Ever Dealing With Stuff Like That .. I Seriously Dunno ANything About The Ftp or Msyql Thingies And Stuff Like That .. So I Follwed The Tut. And It Was great But 1 Thing Missing ..

How Do I Give My Site A URL Or Like Host It Online?

Ofc U Can't Access The Site Online With This Url : http://localhost/example/

I'm Online On The Msn Messenger So Chat me Any time
FrozenCore , July 14, 2010
Actually you can access it online while having it in your computer but that's another case.

So, you just have to buy some web space. I prefer dreamhost for hosting my sites.
axel , July 15, 2010
problem to log in to adminstrator
hi, i follow the instruction but after everything install, i can't log in to the adminstrator panel, may i know what should be my user name and password should be? i try type in root but don't work
sgshowflat , September 24, 2010
The username is admin and the password is the one you typed during the installation in the Main configuration part.
axel , September 24, 2010
problem to log in to adminstrator
great, thanks a million, just got in. will explore more as it is too late now on my side.

sgshowflat , September 24, 2010
Nice. smilies/cheesy.gif Here you can find additional information on customizing and configuring joomla
axel , September 24, 2010
Thank you so much, im beginner of all of this...and i found it very helpful, wanted to press thumbs up or smth but didnt find. I wanna thank you!! smilies/smiley.gif
Shirly , October 06, 2010
hello, i have satarted installing wamp on to my system, but after the database configuration step i am getting an error warning on the screen, could you please provide a solution to my problem..
ramya , February 23, 2011
Question regarding creating new website
I downloaded the WampServer...I also downloaded Joomla 1.6....I can go to the backend of Joomla 1.6, but I cannot seem to open up a website...can you point out what I might be doing wrong?
James , March 05, 2011
i already download joomla1.5 and wampserver and intalled it but the problem is in server configuration, when i click the phpmyadmin there is an error. what should i do..... thnks
buddy , June 06, 2011
Hi buddy, what error do you get? In general you should know that wamp conflicts with skype. If you have skype running just close it. Strange, isn't it?!
axel , July 24, 2011
Getting error
During Joomla installation, when i clicked "phpmyadmin" under Aliases i am getting Error Message

"You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server." Please help me how can i install the joomla.
Nidhesh , November 07, 2011

Hi all,

I installed the wampserver and when i clicked on "phpmyadmin" i am getting an error message "You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server."

Please help me out on this.

Nidhesh , November 07, 2011
Hi Nidnesh, first of all check that wamp server is running. Right click on it and press Put online.

Do you have another apache running such as XAMP? If you have skype running turn it of as well.
axel , November 13, 2011
Thank you
You have been so helpfull, at this stage i'm ok i have create my first web but i have problem to view page i have edited.
Bakka , November 21, 2011
how can i make the site appear on internet......
ben , December 12, 2011
You have to enable port forwarding for pot 80 in your router first and afterwards access your site through your ip.
axel , December 14, 2011
Thank you
i want full website video/guide me. how to create simpale website on joomla+wampserver. plz suggest me send me details for my email addr.
amit patil , January 01, 2012
Hi amit. For more information on how to create a joomla site you may read the Joomla documentation. It's not possible to describe everything on a single email or article.
axel , January 02, 2012
This website is really usefull.... I installed the joomla... i am happy...
Now i going to work... if any doubt i will message with us Thank you

Abdullah , August 13, 2012
i done all of above steps ,, and now i just want to publish my website to access other user from all over the country and my friends how to do this???
aryan , September 05, 2012
hello....when i done my install process of joomla... and goto the adminstrator panel.... (The requested URL /example/adminstrator was not found on this server) this msg appear... so plz give me some solution for opening my adminstrator panel....
ganesh , November 12, 2012
hey guys,
i tried to go trough the steps described in this article but i stuck where i have to change or choose the language. when i tape http://localhost, it's doesnot give me the option to install or choose the language. i need a help coz i need things happend: Joomla working with wampserver.
please guys can anybody tell me what to do.

thanks guys.
Ben , February 08, 2013
do i have to install mysql separately
bharti , October 09, 2013
Joomla installation
I have installed wamp on my computer and created a database by phpmyadming.
when i install joomla 2.5, i came to step 4 database there i wrote for Database type: Mysql, for Hostname: localhost, for username: root, nothing for password, Database name: that i have created, and the table prefix..etc.
when i click on next it works well till point4.Databese and there i click on next but after few minutes it stays on step 4.
I have disabled display errors and output buffering.
Can some one helm in this problem?
pauls , October 27, 2013

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