matroska-logoIn this guide I will show you how to split large MKV files into smaller ones with a specified file size. Matroska is a video container that can hold an unlimited number of audio, video and subtitles in a single file. It is commonly used to store large H.264 videos and movies in .mkv files. Why would you want to split such a file to smaller ones? Maybe because you want to copy it on 4.7GB DVD or on a FAT32 partition. For one reason or the other we are going to use MKVToolnix. Download MKVToolnix, install it and let's begin with our tutorial.

This is the main program window. Press the add button, navigate to the mkv file that you want to split, select it and press Open.

The file information will be loaded. At the bottom choose where you want to output the final mkv files. Just make sure that you have enough free space available.

Next click on the Global tab, and check the Enable Splitting box. Just under this, make sure that …after this size: is selected and input the size of the largest split file that you require. For example if you want to enable the mkv to be played on a FAT32 file system, set your preffered file size to around 3800M. Please note that you have to specify a size identifying letter after the numerical size:

  • G = Gigabyte (GB)
  • M = Megabyte (MB)
  • K = Kilobyte (KB)

Next set the max number of files. In my case I want 3 files. If you skip this step you might end with a 4th video only a few KBs in size. This might happen because a video can be splitted only on keyframes. Now simply click Start Muxing button at the bottom.

Depending on your CPU it may take a while for the whole progress to be completed.

Eventually your initial high definition movie video file will be splitted to 3 smaller files without any quality loss.

MKVToolnix is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, so whether you are running Windows 7 or Ubuntu you will be able to split your mkv video files easilly!

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What would happen to a subtitle of a movie in mkv format if I split it using MKVToolnix software?
SunKissUAE , January 15, 2012
Good Question.
Fruqman , January 29, 2012
srt subs is okay after splitting. And if you want to rip out ads from the stream.TS/recording, select after timecodes, then watch orginal stream in mediaplayer and notis where the ads start/end, then ad these timcode splits (exsample)
So then you get 3 files after remuxing.
Then disable splitting and emty project file in main GUI
now drag first splitted file into program (video -001.mkv)
the select append file in GUI and select (video -003.mkv)
Now remux them/join them and you got rid of the ads or fottage you want to edit out.
mag , February 05, 2012
great tutorial, made things easy, many thanks
kevin21 , April 19, 2012
Files Not Splitting...

Thanks for taking the time to write this program. However, after following your tutorial to the letter, when I look into my output folder, the file is the same size as the original (6,880,094 KB). I'm trying to cut it in half in order to fit them onto regular 4.7 GB DVD's. Perhaps you can comment? Thanks again.
E. C. Griffin , July 29, 2012
size error
There is a slight mistake in the tutorial it should be 3800M not 3800G

That's why the Griffin's filesize remained the same.smilies/wink.gif
moonchy , November 28, 2012
no sound
After following your instruction to split film i don`t have any sound when playing usb on tvsmilies/shocked.gif
alex deraff , January 28, 2014

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