In this guide I will describe you how to easilly rename your TV shows and movies so that you can have them organized. Why would you want to do this? Of course one reason is all those names to look nice and uniform. A more important reason though is to make them easily accessible from Media Center software (I will explain this in a later guide!). Of course you could do this by hand but why get tired when there is theRenamer? theRenamer is a freeware utility that renames your TV and Movie files into a neat and orderly format. It searches popular sites like,,, and automatically grabs the official show name and episode titles! You must configure it one time and that's all! So download theRenamer and let's get started!

Note: If you get a message like file.ocx is missing in Windows 7 you have to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer.

Note: If you get a message like Error in loading TVMOVIES_settings.txt you have to write click on theRenamer icon and select "Run as Administrator".

This is the main window of theRenamer.

First we will have to adjust the program's settings to make it rename our TV Series episodes according to our needs. So press the Settings button. The format we are going to use is showname SxEE - episodetitle.ext.

D:\TV Shows\Great Show\Season 1\
Great Show 1x01 - Episode 1.avi
Great Show 1x02 - Episode 2.avi

So choose:
  • 1x01
  • untick Add "0" for Seasson
  • put space for seperator 1
  • put space-space for seperator 2
  • tick Showname
  • tick Seasson
  • tick Episode Titles
  • tock To Seasson Folder and put a space after Season
  • Fetch Folder browse to your unsorted TV Series folder and tick Include Sub Folders
  • TV Shows Archive browse to your sorted TV Series folder and tick Auto Mode

Afterwars you have to make sure that your TV shows are included in the program. Click on the Database button and check the list. If you can't find the TV Show you want click on the IDcode link at the right. Search for the show in the TVDB page and write down its IDcode. Next press the Add button and fill in the Showname and its IDcode.

When everything is ready press the green dog foot button. For this guide I have used the sample data files located in theRenamer's site.

Now if you press the Archive button you will be automatically transfered to your Archive folder where you can see the changes. Fast and easy!

Next let's see how to rename our movies. Press the green tvshows letters to access the movies rename utility. Again press the Settings button.

Again make the following changes:
  • Add Year In Folder
  • Fetch Folder browse to your unsorted Movies folder and tick Include Sub Folders
  • Movies Archive browse to your sorted Movies folder and tick Auto Mode

At this point you must be very careful because there are options for deleting files included in your Movies folders. It's better to make a few test with the sample data before actually doing this in your collection.

When everything is ready press the blue dog foot button. Now drag and drop your movies folder onto the program's window. For me in Windows 7 this didn't work. In Windows XP the files where succesfuly renamed. I don't know if it's a bug or just something went wrong..

That's it, your TV Shows and Movies are now renamed and organized in folders!

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team , June 02, 2010
FileBot TV Renamer
Try FileBot. Works perfectly on (any) Windows, Linux and Mac. Just give it a try. Smarter and more customizeable than therenamer.
rednoah , October 31, 2010
Pretty! This was a really wonderful post.. Thanks once again for the push!
burberry , January 04, 2011

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