winmpg.pngIn this guide I will present you an all-in-one video conversion program, WinMPG Video Convert! WinMPG is an awarded video program from many well known softare sites such as,, and many many others. It supports almost any type of video input such as avi, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg-4, vcd, svcd, dvd, divx, asf, wmv, rmvb, rm, 3gp, mp4, QuickTime mov, and flash swf. The supported output formats are avi, wmv, mpeg1, mpeg2, vcd, svcd, dvd, rmvb, divx and 3gp. You can download WinMPG to give it a try or buy WinMPG.

Once you run the program the following window will appear. It's a quite simple and easy to use interface which shows you the main functions of the program!


All to MPG1/MPG2

Let's click on the All to MPG1 button. A new window will appear. Here you can load the video you want to convert by browsing to its location (1). The output directory and filename will be completed automatically.


If you click on the advance button you can choose a certain part of the video to convert by adjusting the time line (1). A preview screen is available to make it easier for you go to the correct part of the video.


Once you are ready click the convert button. Some last configuration is left to be made such as the Frame Rate of the output video and its size.


Once the conversion is completed you can browse to the output directory and view your new video file. You can use the preview window to watch the whole operation or not by disabling it.

The procedure is the same for All to MPG2 conversions.

All to VCD

If you click on All to VCD button you can choose between 2 output format settings, PAL, which is for Europe, and NTSC which is for North America and Japan. Again click the convert button and after a while the final video will be ready.


All to DVD

Here once you click on the convert button you can configure the output format setting, again PAL and NTSC as described above, as well as the Video size. The best choise is 720x576 but if you want you can select the low resolution, 352x288.


All to RmvB

Another supported format is the Real Media one. Once you select the input file and click the Convert button a configuration window will appear. Here you can select Video/Audio mode, Resize the output video and adjust its quality. You can also embed some information on the RmvB file such as title, author, comments, etc. Finally you can select the audience target and encode the video's VBR depending on the audience's line bandwidth.


All to AVI

In the AVI configuration window you can select the output codec among Indeo, MPEG4, YUV, H.263, H.264 and some others. You can also resize your movie and select its Frame Rate. Finally you can choose the Audio codec. Of course mp3 Lame is advised!


Extra functions

WinMPG has some extra functions that aren't available through the main program window. Click on the little blue arrow and a new menu will appear. Here as you can see there are some extra conversion algorithms such as All to 3gp, mp4.

In All to 3gp you can choose between 3gp and 3g2 formats. For the 3gp format the available audio codecs are acc and amr. You can also choose between 2 resolutions for the final video, 320x240 and 176x144, depending on your mobile's device screen. Encoding in mpeg4 and xvid is also available.


WinMPG also supports conversion of video files to matroska mkv ones. Again click on the blue arrow and select subtitles. Here you can choose a video file and its subtitles and the program will create an mkv video file.


In a few words WinMPG is a pretty good all in one video converter! You can download WinMPG to give it a try. The limitations of the trial version is that it adds a watermark in every video you create. To remove the watermark buy WinMPG.

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