media-center-master-logoIf you are using Media Center software such as Windows Media Center (WMC), XBMC or Boxee you will know that it looks awesome when apart from the video files you keep movie's metadata, backdrops, posters, trailers, story plot etc. In this guide I will show you a freeware program which makes the job of collecting and organizing metadata fast and easy. Download Media Center Master install it and let's get started.

This is the main window of Media Center Master.

First we will will have a look at the program's settings (Application > Settings & Preferences). In the General tab you can set Media Center Master to always stay minimized to the tray and update your collection in a regular basis.

In the Renaming tab you can set the name format for your Movies and TV Series in order them to appear correctly in your Media Center. I've already described in another guide How to easily rename your TV Shows and Movie video files using theRenamer

In the Movies Tab you can select which thumbnails to download (cast, crew, backdrops etc.) and the subtitles language for auto downloading them. If you are using WMC or XBMC/Boxee don't forget to tick the appropriate check box.

You also have the options to download trailers and make Media Center Master work with utorrent for automatically donwload and organize your media files.

Next go to Application > Set scan folders and browse to where you keep your ripped movies and TV series. When you have selected the appropriate folders just press Done.

Media Center Master will automatically fetch Meta Data for the files in those folders. If it can't find a movie or isn't sure about it you will be asked to type the IMDB id of the movie. That's easy. Depending on how large your collection is it may take a few minutes to completely scan it. When the scan is completed just click on a Title to see it's Meta Data, backdrops etc.

A Media Organizer is also available through Tools > Media Organizer which allows you to view and edit the info for each Title.

Pretty easy, wasn't it? You can also take a look at Media Center Master Wiki for more information on how to use this software. Media Center Master cooperates well with Media Browser but this is part of another guide!

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