chrome-logoAlthough there are hundreds of beautiful Chrome themes you might want to create your own, personalized theme. Google has provided a simple tool which is installed as a Chrome app and allows you to customize the background image and colors of your theme in 3 easy steps.


First of all install My Chrome Theme from Chrome Web Store

My Chrome Theme 2

A new tab will open where you can see My Chrome Theme application

My Chrome Theme 3

We are ready to create our first theme.

My Chrome Theme 4

Here you can select a custom background, grab a photo through your web camera or choose no background at all.

My Chrome Theme 5

Once your background is uploaded you can adjust the position of your image or choose another one if you don't like it.

My Chrome Theme 6

In the next step we can customize the colors of the New Tab, the Background Tab and the Frame. You can choose only from a pallete of predefined colours. It would be nice to have the option to use a custom color and also customize the fonts color though. Moreover you can't choose the same color twice.

My Chrome Theme 7

Next choose a name for your theme and press Make my theme! button to generate your first theme.

My Chrome Theme 8

When your theme is ready you can install it. You are also given a url to share your theme with others!

My Chrome Theme 9

If you don't like the result you can undo it and create another theme or return to the default Chrome theme.

Here is the theme I have created for this guide to make Chrome look better in my KDE4 desktop!

And here is a version without the KDE4 Air background

I have also enabled the use of System Title Bars and Borders along with this theme

My Chrome Theme 10

Of course this app works just fine with Chromium as well.

Have you created a theme on your own? You can post your images in the comments!

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Can you use this only as a new tab page? I want to keep my newly created google theme as my home page and design this for me new tab page, but don’t want to lose everything I already set up on my homepage now.
Abhishek Gupta , March 01, 2014

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