dvdfab_platinum.jpgIn this guide I will show you how to copy, split or customize your legally purchased DVD-9 disks in order to have a back-up of them! I will use DVDFab Platinum. If you want to test it first you can download a trial version here . DVDFab is able to remove almost any copy protection from the dvd disk such as CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, CORE X2, etc. Now let’s continue with the tutorial!


This guide refers to the old DVDFab version 3. I have posted an updated guide for DVDFab Platinum 5. Enjoy!


Insert your DVD disk in the dvd rom tray. The following screen will appear. 

As you can see in “Source” (1) there should be your DVD drive and in “Target” (2) your DVD drive again. This way DVDFab will copy the movie in your hard disk and immediately burn it into a new disk. However you may save the movie in your hard disk and burn it later using “Write Data” (3). “Quality” (4) shows the amount of compression that has to be applied on the movie in order to be copied in a DVD-5 disk. Of course if you have a DVD-9 disk no compression is needed. More compression means less quality.


As you can see in the DVD to DVD menu you have some options: Full Disk (5), Main Movie (6), Split (7) and Customize (8). Lets see them one by one. 

- Full Disk

The entire disk will be copied to another disk just like it is. All the menus, audio and subtitles will be copied. Quick and easy way. Just press “Start”. 

- Main Movie

If you select ‘Main Movie” from the menu only the movie part (1) of the DVD will be copied. No extras, introductions and other parts will be copied. You also have the option to select the subtitles (2) and audio (3) of your choice. When you are ready press “Start”. 

- Split


If you select “Split” you can copy a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5 disks. This way you preserve the initial quality of the movie. You can adjust the “Split Chapter” (1), the part of the movie where split be applied. In the two boxes “Disk # Size” (2) you can see the size of each one of the two disks. When you are ready press “Start”.

- Customize


However you may want to keep some of the movie’s extras. This is what the option “Customize” is for. Apart from the “Audio” (1) and “Subtitles” (2) you can select the movie parts (3) you want to keep. Use the preview window (4) to see what each “Title” contains. Again when you are ready press “Start”.

The copy to disk process will begin. 

When this is over you will be asked to insert a blank DVD in the dvd rom. Do so and press OK. The burn process will begin. 

After some time you will get a message that the process has completed successfully. Your movie is ready! Enjoy! 

DVDFab is probably the best software at this time for copying your legally purchased dvds. Download a trial version here !

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DVD Fab split
thanks for this clear explanation, it's great.

Is there a way to operate a customised split? i.e: keep the main movie and the menu titles in one DVD5, and the the menu titles and the extras in another.
hafid , May 03, 2007
when I am ready to copy to dvd I always get the message that I need to insert compatable media to complete the process. I have tried everything I can think of...please help :cry
mary , May 05, 2007
Most probably the movie itself will be too big to put it in one DVD5 on its own. So even if you choose customize and select the movie for the first dvd and the extras for the second one, the movie won't fit. But you can always see and try. smilies/smiley.gif

Did you try to insert a blank DVD-5 in the tray? :roll
axel , May 06, 2007
When I first purchase dvdfab platinum, I successfully made 2 full disc dopies. Now, I can't. I'm able to copy fine onto the hard drive, but when I place a DVD+R into my Dell Dimension B110 computer w dvd burner, there's no indication that I've placed the dvd in there. The computer doesn't respond. Meanwhile, I tried a trial version of DVD Cloner, and it works fine with that program. I want the DVDfab to work, since I already invested the money. Can you help?

Melinda Basker , May 07, 2007

I think you'd better send an email to the support team of DVDFab. You can find a contact form in their official site.
axel , May 07, 2007
I have burned two of my purchased dvd's with dvdfab platinum, but when i went to watch them, the dvd player would not load them, what am I doing wrong??
kezza , June 13, 2007
Have you tried a different brand of DVD disks? Maybe your DVD player doesn't like the disks you are using. I can't think of something else..
axel , June 14, 2007
Merging 2 DVDs into one...
Anyont that know how to merge 2 DVD9 discs into one DVD9, on the DVDFab?
Jan , June 18, 2007
Tried full disc option but quality is poor.
Lots of artefacting and dropping sound.
Not as good as old DVD fab decryptor with DVD2one.
Am I doing something wrong or is this the standard?
New at this game... , June 30, 2007
DVD to ipod
Also tried DVD to ipod format.
Video fine but sound is very dull.
When ripping then placing in Ulead videostudio 10 and exporting as ipod the sound is 100% sharper and clear.
Not sure that the $60 spent on this is really worth it over the free HD version.
new at this game.. , June 30, 2007
Copy full movie to DVD9 (or DVD-DL)
Any pointers on how to copy full movies to DVD-DL discs. I'm tired of making coasters with DVDFAB.
harold , July 07, 2007
target folder to copy dvd
how do i know which target folder to use to copy dvd to my hard drive?
complete novice
my green monkey , July 10, 2007
how to split my dvd that contain os (linux fedora core 7)can i?
ramtin , July 10, 2007
my green monkey
The target folder should be your DVD-r drive or in case you want to store the dvd in your hard disk drive just choose a partition that has enough space.

I don't know a program for linux that can split a dvd. Take a look at k9copy although I don't think it supports this function.
axel , July 10, 2007
im so new to this, i just purchased fab platinum, but as soon as I put a dvd in, the message css protected came up. Can i get around this. Please tell me what im I doing wrong.
steve evans , July 20, 2007 | url
My burner is E:
When I do as directed and choose E: for the target I get an error message:
Failed to create directory
E:MainMovieHoliday The
What am I doing wrong?
rich , July 27, 2007
My burner is E:
When I do as directed and choose E: for the target I get an error message:
Failed to create directory
E:\MainMovie\Holiday The\
What am I doing wrong?
Rich Travis , July 27, 2007
Hey Rich. Try to give as target your hard disk drive where you have enough free space to copy the dvd.
axel , July 27, 2007
Can you explain "Merge" Thanks
Randall Raymond , April 13, 2009
In merge you just select two (or more) ISO files or VIDEO_TS folders and you combine them into a single DVD. However this means worst quality, especially if the 2 movies are big.
axel , April 14, 2009
Unable to burn DVD9 split files with Nero Burning ROM
I split a DVD9 disc to two DVD5 discs using DVDFab ver6. When using Nero burn the DVD5 disc, I get the following message..."DVD-Video file reallocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?"
How to I resolve this issue?

harveywallbanger , May 23, 2009
Hi harveywallbanger,

I don't know what is causing you this problem. You could try http://www.imgburn.com/ to burn the dvd and check it.
axel , May 24, 2009
does this forks with games also ?? can you split Iso game dvd9 to dvd5
Lazar , December 11, 2009
Sorry for not replying sooner. I missed your comment. I haven't tried it with games but I doubt it will work.
axel , January 10, 2010
DVDFad8 free vrs question
A friend introduced me to this program and I've learned to use it through trail and error. Finding help is a pain so if you could answer a few simple questions as plainly as possible, I'd be greatful.

1. I have two types of DVD-R disks. Data and Video. What is recomended to use if I want my DVD to work on a DVD player and a computer both?

2. There's a message on the DVD-R video package that says update/firmware should be performed first, but the link is broken. It says the disks won't function properly but I've not had trouble so far, so is this something I should be doing prior to burning DVD copies?

3. For store bought packages of DVD-R is dvd5 the standard? If the dvd says it's best for data, music, video does the formate make a difference?

4. What exactly is an ISO file and what's its purpose? More and more I'm seeing this formate around, but have no idea how to use it or for what reasons to use it.

5. I like to make AMVs(fanvideos)and want to save my movies to the harddrive but need them in a formate that I can open with windows movie maker such as an AVI. Can I do this with dvdfad? If so, can I choose to copy only the main video with sound optional if converting the formate? Is there a formate of good quaitily that's recomended that would be better and less space taking then an AVI? Also, not all AVI formates are the same and movie maker rejects some, how do I know what settings to select when using dvd fad if choosing an AVI setting?

6. If I want to copy a blueray disks to my computer to watch, do I have to buy a blueray player for the computer or will the dvd drive work?

7. Sometimes when I'm customizing my video settings there are two or three options for English Audio but no details. Do I just select them all? I've been choosing the top option mostly, or sometimes I just select them all. This is something I see a lot on Japanese Anime Dvds.

Sorry for the long list of questions. Figured I'd just do this all at once. Please answer the ones you are able and thanks! The dirrections you gave above were very insightful and the best I've come across. Please do more similar to it for the other functions of the system. We beginners know next to nothing.
Zorra , April 04, 2012

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