In this guide I will describe you how to copy a DVD-9 using Ripit4Me, DVDDecrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2

Step 1

Considering that the old DVD-Decrypter cannot copy all the known dvd types, Ripit4Me has come along, giving solutions on dvd copying issues. First of all, you have to install Ripit4Me, DVD Shrink and DVD-Decrypter . They are all freeware. Execute Ripit4Me, insert the desirable disc in your drive and choose the “Wizard Mode” option.

Step 2

On the window that shows up, choose the drive you have inserted the dvd disc. On the “Target for DVD files” field choose the folder, where you want the copied files to be placed. On the “Ripping Settings” option choose “Full DVD” or  “Movie Only”, in case you want to copy only the main Movie files.

Step 3

After clicking the “Next” button, you will be asked if you want to creak a PSL file. Hit “Create PSL” and “Rip DVD” buttons straightly. Afterwards, DVD Decrypter will come up and it will load the PSL file that ripit4me previously created. Hit the “OK” button to continue.

Step 4

To start with the ripping process on your hard drive, hit the Decrypt button. Based on the PSL file that ripit4me had created, it will start copying the dvd files.

Step 5

When the whole process is completed, we have to return to ripit4me, where a new window has come up. There will be four options available. The only thing you have to do is click “Do it” and wait about a minute to have the copied files “cleaned”.

Step 6

The next step is a little bit more complicated, but don’t worry. Once you have “cleaned” the copied files, a new window will pop up. Hit the “Open with DVD Shrink” button and check from the DVD Structure menu if your movie is viewed correctly.

Step 7

If you find errors, return to ripit4me and hit the “Process with FixVTS” button. Otherwise just click the “Backup” button on DVD Shrink and continue with the burn process.


Comments (43)

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its really cool article..
so easily it saved ur dvd? grt.

parth , March 26, 2007 | url
Many thanks for your nice comment and the link to your page parth smilies/smiley.gif

Have a nice day
admin , March 26, 2007
OK, Good but would you check something?
I don't not if another types of protections: new or improved, my the fact that the proofs with this Software in the film original "Open_Season" , I followed all your recommendations but you send many messages of errors and new protections to me.
Would it be said why? :cry
Angel_P , March 31, 2007
As far as I can understand what you're saying it seems that there are some new protectinons that dvd decryptor can't decrypt. If I find a newer program that solves this problem I'll post it..
admin , April 01, 2007
:? I have downloaded the Ripit4me, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and have followed the instructions, but after the Excluding is done I ger WARNING! unable to patch decrypter then the rip is aborted. What am i doing wrong.
Joe Franklin , April 08, 2007
i get the same message as joe franklin with "The Holiday"... what gives
jp , April 09, 2007
Worked for me, but I did have to let the ripit4me program "fix" my VOB files, which is step you didnt have to do with your rip in the example. Thanks!
ToneSmith , April 10, 2007
found a new program that works
DVDfab Decrypter
Google it and download
jp , April 10, 2007
thankyou, thankyou, thankyou i have tried for so long to backup madagascar for my kids without success, until now.
i recommend the program to anyone having problems as i have tried many others only to find they cant do it.
i am not a computer wizard but this was so easy to follow. if i could do it anyone could. thanks so much
wiz , April 13, 2007
OK, good but could you check something?
In order to use Ripit4Me, I thought it also requires FixVTS program? If so where do you put it so that Ripit finds it when it needs to call it up?
Thanks for this tute!

cbc , April 17, 2007
I can\'t burn it
toya , April 29, 2007
dvd shrink 3.1 works .. either to compress and burn or just to burn
jo , April 30, 2007
Well, I finally got the program to work. I found in the options the path to the decrypter was not accurate, as soon as I corrected the path the program started working. As far as burning it I had been using the Roxio 7 or Creator 8 to burn the DVD. I also tried the DVD Shrink program and it works also.
daotm98 , April 30, 2007
Why the older version of DVDdecrypter??
From your step 1 screen I can see that you are running RI4M version, a fairly recent version as v1.7.1.0 was the last iteration. Why then are you running v3.5.1.0 of DVDdecrpter when v3.5.4.0 was the last out before Lightening UK was made to cease and there something we should know?!? Nice guide by the way!!
Rude Intrusion , April 30, 2007
Rude Intrusion: No specific reason, they just work smilies/smiley.gif

Thanks for your comment !
godfather , April 30, 2007
won\'t acknowlege my dvd drive
For some reason the program will not acknowledge my dvd drive. It keeps flashing "no disc in drive". What can I do?
sasha , June 12, 2007
Nice guide! :zzz May I know what's the DVD Shrink for? Can I skip Step 6?
Anonymous , June 12, 2007
DVD shrink compresses files to make them fit onto a single layer DVD. Very useful and minimal quality loss in most cases.

To the earlier poster... maybe your DVD drive does not like the breand of the disc you are using. Is it a single layer writer with a dual layer disc?... More specs needed to diagnose problem
jp , June 12, 2007
won\'t acknowlege my dvd drive
The program won't acknowlege that there is an original movie in the drive to backup.
sasha , June 16, 2007
what ist the movie and how old is the dvd burner?
jp , June 18, 2007
the program managed to copy the movie to hardrive, but failed in the IFO cleanup stage (3B) Any suggestions?
john , July 15, 2007
okay after you do all of the ripping how do you get it onto a DVD???
Taylor , July 17, 2007
error message
when i use DVD Decrypter, it goes through the whole process fine, until the end then i get multiple error messages saying:

Failed to set data for " and

Failed to set data for "DVDDecrypterPLAYDVDMovieOnArrival"

The video still plays in DVDShrink when I open it just fine, but when i go to backup it tells me theres no source ISO.

any thoughts?
daylower , July 17, 2007
When trying to backup my son's "Air Buddies" I get thru the DVD Decrypter process and RipIt4Me seems to produce a simple "Abort" message. Thoughts?

I have yet to backup a single DVD - the LooneyTunes set is suffering from small hands.
mrb , July 18, 2007
One more clarification on previous post - I was prompted regarding DVD Region... I selected Region1 - then process aborted thereafter... should have saved the log - will try again and post Ripit4me log-info in future if anyone has interest in helping to resolve this problem... thanks.
mrb , July 18, 2007
Well I have used this several times and it worked great. I am mostly using it for dvd9 but, now for some reason i cant get a dvd9 to read in my dvd player. worked great the first few times now it wont work at all. any suggestions or ideas of what i could be doing wrong now?
Animal4d , September 12, 2007
error message with dvdecrypter at 79%
W 22:44:26 Failed to read Sector 3117648 - L-EC Uncorrectable Error" that is the error code I get at 79% of the movie ;finding neverland; can somebody please tell me why and how to fix it. thanks
jairoz1_2000 , October 02, 2007
This error occurs either because the disk is damaged or because of the encryption it has. You can try another program such as DVD Fab. You download it from here. A relevant guide can be found here.
axel , October 03, 2007
after using ripit and decrypter
smilies/cool.gif Hi I followed the above tut and came to the end where you check the files in shrink and if all is well then click "backup" to continue the burning..I get a message that says" that folder already has files in it and must be deleted to continue" my question is why did I do all that with decrypt and ripit first? :zzz

maybe there is something I don't understand..thank you very much
CBrown , October 06, 2007
Does not produce clean copies
I've tried just about every guide out there, every combination of programs, and no matter what when I play the back up DVD, it freezes up. My DVD burns CD just fine. :cry
frankfurter lucas , December 11, 2007
E r r o R
I/O Error
Device: [1:0:0] TSST corp CD/DVDW (Dsmilies/smiley.gif

ScsiStatus: 0x02
Interpretation: Check Condition

CDB: 28 00 00 02 62 80 00 00 01 00
Interpretation: Read (10) - Sector: 156288
Sense Area: 70 00 04 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 3E 02 00 00 00 00
Interpretation: Timeout on Logical Unit

Abort Retry Ignore
smilies/angry.gif smilies/angry.gif Whats going on? I need some help pleeze!!
KiLLeRGRooVe , November 15, 2008
Maybe the disk is scratched or maybe it has some extra protection that ript4me cannot bypass. You can try DVDFab as well.
axel , November 16, 2008
i cant seem to download the dvddecryter, the link does not work, can anyone help ?
tony , January 10, 2009
Check the Wikipedia article about DVD Decrypter to learn why the link is down and where you can still download it from.
axel , January 10, 2009
I'm using ripit4me along with dvd decrypter, dvd shrink. Trying to change a region 2 disk into a region 1 working hard copy. dvd decrypter states that it doesn't recognize my devices. How do I make recognize my drive?
DD , January 13, 2009
It doesn't recognize your DVD rom (Source) or the DVD disk?
axel , January 13, 2009
RipIt4me reads the region 2 disk but then DVD decrypter doesn't recognize my drive. provides a download call "DriverDetective" which is suppose to cure this problem. Is it safe to upgrade your driver?
DD , January 14, 2009
I haven't heard of this program before. smilies/sad.gif

You could try another program to backup your dvd like dvdfab. Here is a dvdfab guide.
axel , January 14, 2009
After step 3: Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue
I could only go through step 3 and got: DVD shrink encountered an error and cannot continue

Below the log information:

RipIt4Me Version
Starting Wizard at 22:35:28
Running Windows 6.0
DVD Decrypter version:
DVD Shrink version
SPTI layer available
Ripping mode: Full Rip
Main title(s):
Title 1 (VTS 1 PGCs 1) -- 1:22:36s -- 16:9
Remove Protected Cells = On
Remove Tiny Cells = On
Remove Useless Menu Cells = On
Bypass Annoying PGCs = Off
Remove Last VTS = On
Blank Bogus VTS = On
Cleanup VOBs on Full DVD = On
Rip JACKET_P folder = Off
Copy IFO mode = 0
DVD Decrypter IFO parsing mode = 1
VOB Scan: Scan cells lasting less than: 300
BOV VOBU Stride = 30

Copying original IFOs into target directory

Wizard Step 2: PSL file creation
DVD Volume Label: LME0NNW1
Loading IFOs
Region code: 1
Video Format: NTSC
Done opening IFOs
Retrieving sectors from DVD drive
CRC32 value = 0x952AFFE1
Creating Protected Sector List (PSL) file
Done creating PSL file

Wizard Step 3: Ripping DVD
Starting DVD Decrypter
Found no unreferenced titleset.
Waiting for Decrypter to be ready
WARNING! Unable to patch decrypter!
Done ripping ...
Decrypter ripping time: 00:00:36
The rip seems to have been aborted, RipIt4Me cannot continue
GAGP , January 18, 2009

try to uninstall DVD Decrypter and then reinstall it. This has worked for others.
axel , January 19, 2009
All seems to work fine but then I get this error which I've not had a problem with before .

Anyone know how to get round it

dave 360 , January 27, 2009
Hey dave,

there are 3 possibilities for the CIRC Unrecovered.
1) Scratched or dirty DVD disk
2) Dirty laser lens of your dvd drive
3) Some disks come from factory with small bits of corrupted data to kill the rip process but not affect playback.

Try to clean the disk and see if that helps.
axel , January 28, 2009
Awesome guide! Thankyou very much. Pictures and explanations VERY helpful!

If anybody is still having issues with the Error Unable to Patch Decrypter, check here: I had that issue and it was because it wasn't linked to DVD Decrypter properly so you have to go under Ripit4me and go to preferences - here's another good link to show you how:
Janise , July 09, 2010

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