VSO ConvertXtoDVD is considered to be one of the best dvd authoring software. It combines high speeds, high quality and many options for your personalized DVD menus. In this guide we are going to focus on the menu functions of the program. You can free download ConvertXtoDVD or buy ConvertXtoDVD.

**Note: This guide refers to ConvertXtoDVD v.2. If you are using the latest v.3 you'd better read my new ConvertXtoDVD guide . There a lot of new features!

Step 1 – Adding the video files

First of all we have to choose which video files we are going to add in order to create our DVD. ConvertXtoDVD will compress our video files in order to full up the DVD disc. The “Golden Section” between the number of episodes per DVD and their quality would be four episodes of fourty minutes in each disc. Of course this doesn’t mean that if adding more than four episodes the quality will be much lower. Our suggestion would be to add four episodes of forty minutes in each disc. Let's start by adding some episodes in our DVD. We can do this by clicking on the first button on the right as shown in the picture below.


After adding the episodes we will see that five new elements have appeared (our four episodes and the menu). We can get some info about each element by clicking on the corresponding dagger on the left of the list as shown on the picture below.

You can change the order of the episodes by clicking on the arrow buttons on the right. Additionally you are able to change the text of each episode by double clicking on the “Menu text” field.

Step 2 – Adding subtitles

In case that you have your video files and subtitles on the same folder with the same naming, then ConvertXtoDVD will add the subtitles automatically. Of course you should check if the subs have been added before burning your disc.

In case that you have them separated, you will have to add them manually. Right click on the sub menu “0 Subtitle Stream”, hit “Add Subtitle Channel” and choose the subtitle file from the window that pops up.

Step 3 – Editing the Menu

First of all click on the “Menu” on the tree view list and then click on the last button on the right as shown on the picture below. A new preview screen will appear on the right side of CovertXtoDVD.

Title: You can change the DVD title by clicking on the arrow on the left.

Background: You can change the background image of the DVD by clicking on the arrow on the left as you already did for the title. All the types of images are supported.

Auto start playback, Loop playback, Sequential playback: Disable all of them in order to create a handier DVD.

Title Font: You can change the font type and size of the title from here.

Items Font: You can change the font type and size of the items from here.

Step 4 – Settings Inspection

Before hitting the “Covert” button, we ought to check some important settings. Go to the “Settings” menu and choose “General”.

On the first tab we have to select the folder that the program will use to store the needed files. Do not forget to select a folder on a drive that has more than 6GB free space. For the advanced users this is the folder where all the .VOB and .IFO files will be placed.

Next, go to the “Manu” tab. The only option that is really important here is the “Max entries per page” option, which declares how many episode titles will be shown in each page of the menu. If you set it on four and you add six episodes, then there will be two pages with four and two episodes.

Some really important settings have to be done on the “Subtitles” tab. Hit the “Text subtitles rendering settings” button and a new window will come up. Make the changes that are shown on the following picture.

You can preview your settings by clicking on the “Preview” button on the bottom of the window.

Finally choose the “Burning” tab. The only thing that you have to set here is to select the appropriate DVD drive and set the burning speed to “Max”.

For advanced users: In case that you just want to create the required DVD files on your PC and save them for a later use, you will only have to uncheck the “Burn result to DVD” box and the “Delete folder after successful burn” box.

Step 5 – Burning the DVD

The only thing that is left, is to burn our disc by clicking on the convert button on the main program. Do not forget that on the trial version of the program, a small commercial will be added on the center of your video. You can free download ConvertXtoDVD or buy ConvertXtoDVD.

**Note: This guide refers to ConvertXtoDVD v.2. If you are using the latest v.3 you'd better read my new ConvertXtoDVD guide . There a lot of new features!

Enjoy ;-)

Comments (40)

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I like this program a lot. Very easy to use.
I have only one big problem: When i use this program to burn or converted and burn, i miss the last few minutes on the DVD when i try to watch it.
Any ideas how to fix that ?
rene , July 04, 2007
no subtitles appear at all
plz help
essam_67 , October 02, 2007
The subtitles should have the same name as your video file.

If yes have you seen this message? "1 subtitle stream, 0 internal, 1 external"

To view the subtitles the conversion should be completed.

Apart from that you should enable the subtitles from your dvd player when the movie is ready.
axel , October 03, 2007
How to create a custom DVD using Convert
I just used the trialware version to burn a DVD. The caption text is difficult to read and image quality is very blurry. Why?
Hojoman , October 11, 2007
Did you check the Encoding quality/speed options ? It should be set on: High quality / Slow encoding
admin , October 11, 2007
I used the trial version and the burned disc works on my computer but not on my dvd player. what am I doing wrong?
mama2yanna , September 05, 2008
Very very nice saved me alot of trouble
Eduardo , December 31, 2008
The preview screen on the convertXtoDVD is very blurry as well as distorted and it locks my pc up? I had to do a reinstall of everything, as my hard drive crashed. My other system it worked fine...the preview picture was not blurry when converting nor did my system lock up?

Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated!!

Pam , January 06, 2009
I can't believe that all these problems where caused by a software no matter which one this was. I believe there was already a problem with your computer. After the reinstall do you still have problems with preview? Are you using the latest stable version? If not download convertxtodvd 3.3.4.
axel , January 06, 2009
I have downloaded the movie which is avi but the subs are rar or zip so ConvertXtoDVD doesn't recognize it.Where can I find subs in an acceptable from the programme form or what else can I do? Thanks!!!!!!!!
Maria , January 07, 2009
Hey Maria,
have you tried to unzip or unrar the file and then give the .srt file to ConvertXtoDVD? If you don't know how a freeware program to do this is 7zip.

Tell me if you made it. smilies/wink.gif
axel , January 08, 2009
nice software
thx bro... ur application work nicely at my pc either my dvd player. thx
begrie , March 04, 2009
You are welcome begrie. I am glad it helped. smilies/smiley.gif

Just a notice. This guide refers to ConvertXtoDVD version 2. For version 3 take a look at this convertxtodvd guide
axel , March 04, 2009
no playback
i use this program alot and tonight i was burning when i put the dvd in is said playback feature may not be valid, any reason for this? ive burned twice and i had loop playback checked third time i disabled akk but start movie immediatly. ill let ya know if it works this way
wolf , May 25, 2009
Hi wolf,

I haven't seen this error before. Could you write me the exact error message of ConvertXtoDVD to see if I can find something?

Also make sure that you have the latest ConvertXtoDVD version. They are constantly fixing bugs!

Download ConvertXtoDVD
axel , May 27, 2009
when i insert the dvd into my dvd player it stated ****error playback my not be valid. Please insert correct dvd. **** So when i burned again with all unchecked it came up with same thing. Im thinking this could be because of file type. Im gonna try to download another version of this movie. All ive downloaded before and burned has runned perfect and have had no problems. I greatly appreciate your imput and time. And thank you for the prompt of getting back to me
wolf , May 27, 2009
hey one more thing i try to update this version and it wont allow and it dont check to see if updates are valid. I made sure to see if i have check for updates checked and it is!I have ConvertXDvd 3
wolf , May 27, 2009
error message list index out of bounds when trying to convert to iso file how can i fix this ?
sinky , May 28, 2009
that's strange. Try to manually download ConvertXtoDVD and install it. No need to uninstall the previous version.

"list index out of bounds" was an old bug. Which version of ConvertXtoDVD are you using? You'd better try the latest version and see if you still get this error message. download ConvertXtoDVD
axel , May 29, 2009
ok am doing that now. Maybe that will correct the error even after downloading another file of the movie i got the same error
wolf , May 29, 2009
hey just an update, ive downloaded that again and downloaded another version of the movie i was trying to burn. Good news it seemed to work. Ill try to keep posted with more and will continue to download and burn more. Am in the mist of downloading another movie. Thank you for all your help!!!
wolf , May 29, 2009
Weldone wolf. smilies/smiley.gif

I have to mention that is illegal downloading movies...
axel , May 30, 2009
what about this?
Well, as long as they are ripping code from FFMPEG project without complying to GPL standards (which is like stealing freedom) I'm a bit hesitant about ConvertXtoDVD.
LittleFrustrated , June 16, 2009
You've got a point here. In fact, according to the shame list of the link above VSO is "not yet in full compliance, but ffmpeg team is in negotiations with them and making good progress towards compliance."
axel , June 16, 2009
how can i compress the movie in dvd.. like to have 5-8 movie in a single dvd.. anyoune have an idea?? pls send it to me..
cardinal , June 20, 2009
Hi cardinal,

I wouldn't advise to put 5 movies in a single dvd. The quality would be really bad. Generally try not to put more than 2-3 hours of video in a DVD5.
axel , June 22, 2009
To Wolf
Let me know if you make any progress with your issue. I've had the same problem, some files will play fine on DVD and some won't, even if its the same movie. This is a big frustration because you never know if it will work until after you've wasted a DVD.
Midsouthidol , October 08, 2009
hi everyone... i cannot convert and burn my movies. hte following errors always appear..

1. no data in video stream # 1
2. exception raised in conversion thread with message "external exception c000001D"
3. cannot burn dvd: IFO files doesn't exist in folder

i don't know what to do.. please help me guys.. thank you
ronan , November 01, 2009
Hi ronan,

which version are you using? I can see a bug with your message was fixed last year.

Just in case download ConvertXtoDVD and try again to convert your video.
axel , November 03, 2009
Thanks for writing, I truly enjoyed reading your newest post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging! tkx clothes online
good , January 07, 2011
Menu creation

I am setting up the menu but i'm a little confused about some things:

I've got a moviefile in 1 piece, in other words not cut into different episodes. Now, if i want to create a "play movie" button in the menu, will that be the Menu title (default title)? Or do i have to create just 1 chapter and rename that to play movie?
I'm sorry if i ask a silly question but this is my first DVDburning experience smilies/smiley.gif
Great white , July 08, 2011
On Convertxtodvd, it is a easy fix. On the settings options, click on the "DVD specification" tab, then at the "format" selection, make sure that "NTSC" is selected. Not automatic or PAL. It will work in any DVD player.
Helpful guy , August 22, 2011
how to burn
will it burn automatically when i click convert or would i have to do something else? please help
saylow , September 24, 2011
help in burning dvd
is there a way that the files i burn would fit on a 4.3gb disc? i am trying to do it all over again but it seems that the filesize keeps on increasing. please help. i badly need assistance.
civ , September 26, 2011
ok i know how to burn movies with menus but why when it shows i have got menus and all setup my movies dont have backgrounds i put or nothing!?
mike , September 27, 2011
Hi there,
how's things?
I have ConvertXtoDVD program on my HP laptop.
Can someone please help me out by directing me to use the multisession option on the program? That would be great. Thanks a lot.

Have a top week.
Matthew Dykes , January 02, 2012
Hi Matthew,

It's not possible to create a multisession video DVD (VIDEO_TS folder) with ConvertXtoDVD or any other similar software. The DVD has to be finalized in order to be reproduced.
axel , January 02, 2012
Hey Axel,
thanks a lot for setting me solving my problem.

Ooohhh rats!!! Now I've gotta say goodbye to my 2 bucks and 40 cents. Ouch!

Catch-ya mate
Matthew Dykes , January 03, 2012
how to get full-screen picture
Whenever I convert a film some of the image that ends up on the disc is missing from the sides of the picture. It's nothing to do with my TVs aspect. The loss seems to occur during the conversion. I've tried various combinations of sttings from the 'video processing' and 'burning' options but nothing makes a difference to the outcome. Is there a way to remedy this?
Howard Kettle , June 26, 2012
I am using a trial version v4.0.8.320 after burning a dvd I would see the track to be played next highlighted in yellow & there were previous & next aarrows on the bottom of each page of the menu now there is no highlight or arrows, any idea how I can get these back
Judith Webster , May 29, 2013

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